Let's Stay Together

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Let's Stay Together

Actress Lauren Short is devastated that her engagement is ripped apart when she finds her finance of several years in a compromising position with two men. She is humiliated and upset. To make matters worse, in the media it seems she was the one dumped. It isn’t until she receives an uplifting email from a long-time fan that she feels a spark of hope. Patrick Esposito cannot believe that Lauren actually bothered to email him back. He is further shocked when their emails become lengthy and turn into something more personal. Even though attraction is there, can you really make a relationship work when it started online?

I have been reading J.J. Murray books for years. Again he has done a great job at writing a fascinating romance for readers. Lauren is down to earth and very self assured although everyone tries to convince her that she is crazy and her behavior is peculiar for a famous person. I enjoyed this the most. Lauren did not let the media or anyone else push her into making choices that would ruin her happiness because it did not look “right” by their standards.

Patrick was just as much fun. A normal city guy with a normal pay check falling in love with an actress. What would that be like? I felt this book depicted things the average person would be worried about and how would the person navigate those situations. This book was full of romance and funny dialogue. There was some parts that were so truthful…things we thing about as people and we would not want to say out loud or only to our closest friends. Therefore, I recommend this book to anyone looking for a down-to-earth and exciting romance.

Book Blurb for Let's Stay Together

Lauren Short dumped her cheating mega-star fiance amid major viral media fallout. That was the easy part. Restarting her stalled career as a thirty-something actress ... not as much. What she needs is advice from someone non-Hollywood. Someone like her surprising new online pen pal. He's a Brooklyn handyman who's understanding, honest--and daring Lauren to do one risky, sizzling reboot of her glamorous life ... Lauren is the one woman Patrick Esposito has crushed on forever. He never dreamed they'd meet--much less that she could use his help. Or that she would be even more down-to-earth in person. But now their offline romance is making the the hot new celebrity couple. And between the secrets they didn't expect and the trouble they didn't see coming, Patrick and Lauren will need all the right moves to stay real, keep it together, and script their own happily-ever-after ...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50