Into the Wilderness

Blood of the Lamb: Book Two

Already on their journey, Maryam, Joseph, Ruth, and Lazarus are determined to find a better place than the home they have escaped from. The only problem is that Joseph is already sick and there seems to be no cure. Ruth is almost always hysterical and wants to turn back at the smallest sign of trouble. Maryam dislikes Lazarus for things he’s done in the past and wishes he hadn’t come along. Now, away from the place they called home, they will have to lean on each other. Time is ticking and they have no real plan. The home they thought was relatively safe and holy clearly isn’t that. But with no options…what will they do?

I did not expect to like this book so much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was an excellent young adult read. It went through all the emotions and makes the reader contemplate life in general. What would I do in this situation? There were some sad moments, but there were also some moments of triumph. The scenes were written very well. Several times, I found I had a crystal clear picture in my mind of what was going on.

When I closed the book, I was actually disappointed that the book had come to an end. This book is part of a series. I did not read book one. I probably would not have suffered from confusion in the first two chapters, if I’d taken time to read the first book. Nonetheless, it was easy to catch onto. I recommend reading these books; they will engage any audience.

Book Blurb for Into the Wilderness

Award-caliber social science fiction with a strong message about race and the abuse of religious faith by those in power.

Maryam, Ruth, and Joseph have fled Onewere, reluctantly taking Joseph's troublesome cousin, Lazarus, as well. They arrive at their destination, Marawa Island, filled with hope for rescue and reprieve. But at first glance the island appears to be solely populated by birds. Perhaps the Apostle's dire warnings about the fall-out of the Tribulation were true after all?

As Maryam and Joseph experience all the topsy-turvy misunderstandings and sexual tension first love entails, the antagonism between Maryam and Lazarus reaches explosive proportions. But when disaster brings the crushing realization that time is now against them, all four must decide just who they can risk turning to for help.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50