Freedom's Embrace

I recommend this historical multicultural romance to any reader. I liked the hero and heroine and the general flow of the story. Both Naomi and Jonathan were very passionate and strong characters. Their connection happened quick and strong. It seemed like love at first sight. However, there is much trouble on their paths. Jonathan is a biracial doctor who could easily pass for white. Naomi is a runaway slave simply seeking freedom; her destination Canada. But the journey is long and rough and she falls sick. Jonathan takes care of her and offers her work. But is it really possible for Naomi to stay? When her past comes calling she knows that she will have to make a choice.

I cannot overlook that a couple of things could have made this book even more intriguing. For example Hannah’s character as well as some of the other supporting characters. While I enjoyed that they weren't key players they seemed subdued far too easily. It took away from the climax. The time Hannah warned Naomi off and propositioned Jonathan seemed to be a month before the end of the book. If she had been doing this to numerous women the way things ended seemed like too easy of a fix. Despite this, the book was well written and very enjoyable.

Book Blurb for Freedom's Embrace

Jonathan is the only doctor within several days’ ride of Graham, Pennsylvania, and is desperate for a nurse to assist him. His salvation comes in the form of Naomi, a runaway slave who shows up ill on his doorstep. When she agrees to be his nurse in exchange for treatment, his world lights up. Unfortunately, not everyone in town approves of Jonathan’s new nurse. His mother and some of his patients express their distaste for her, but she’s captured Jonathan’s heart, and he’ll defend her at any cost.When Naomi’s former master rides into town, Jonathan discovers just how far he will go to keep the woman he loves from being torn from his arms, and from freedom’s embrace.

A Blush® historical romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00