Dark Star

Tonya is an author who remembers her first love. She’s remembering so much that nearly ten years later it seems she spotting him again. Is it her imagination? When Nate enters her life she is concerned, shocked, and then…wanting. She still has feelings for Nate. So, when he kidnaps her claiming it’s for her own protection, she has no idea what to do with herself. She’s worried about her mom and worried about being with Nate who expects her to trust him immediately. But is his track record for spinning tales is too good for Tonya to follow him blindly?

I thought this book had some interesting concepts. I think there were some portions of the book where it was slow but would pick back up briefly. So, overall this book is a solid reading choice.

Book Blurb for Dark Star

Tonya Stephens is a woman who has it all. Not only is her career as the author of a very popular mystery series smoking hot, she also has a thriving business and a robust love life. Then on the night of her greatest triumph a ghost from her past appears; Nate Randolph, the man who left her long ago with nothing but a web of lies as a memento. His reappearance is particularly devastating as he comes bearing tales even more preposterous than the ones he told before. Before she can say Raymond Chandler Tonya finds herself on a South Pacific island knee-deep in a Byzantine intrigue too bizarre to be fiction. As a pawn in a chess match of murder for fun and profit she has to put her trust in a man who subjected her to the worst betrayal. This time there’s far more at risk than a broken heart. Will she survive this high stakes game, or will he let her down again, costing her life?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50