Compromising Position

Stephanie Morris did great with this book. Javier is a divorcee who is disillusioned with love and marriage. Kinsey is a part time author who is looking to write full time. When Kinsey is stuck with a horrible case of writer’s block her agent pressures her to sleep with an escort so that she can get inspired for her romance book. Kinsey doesn’t think it will work…but eventually she gives in to Rhonda’s urging. When she arrives at the meeting place and the sexy escort motions to her she is glad that she came. Javier doesn’t know why the gorgeous woman comes to his table…but he is happy she did. Maybe he will take his friends advice and have some fun for the night.

I think this was a very interesting and fun book. I would say that during the second half there were a few slow moments, but they all picked back up. Overall, this was a good read.

Book Blurb for Compromising Position

Kinsey Maxwell is positive she’s lost her mind, when she agrees to meet the male escort that has been hired for her. But she needs some inspiration for the latest novel she’s working on, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Yet, when she spots her Latin lover for the night cross the room, she realizes this set up might be exactly what she needed.

When Javier Elizondo beckons a cocktail waitress across the bar for a drink, he never expects a gorgeous stranger to approach him instead. A beautiful woman who would ignite a consuming passion he’s never experienced. But once he becomes aware of the fact that Kinsey thinks he’s someone he’s not, Javier quickly recognizes that they are in a very compromising position.

Warning: This story contains a case of mistaken identity that results in what may be the most intense, sexiest mistake ever.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50