Claiming Shayla

True Series

Shayla Morgan wants nothing to do with Rory McFelan. Fleeing him, she decides that she will not see him again. But he starts texting her from an unknown number. And there’s a secret she has…or so she thinks. But with wolf noses all around her is there any way she can keep it? Not only is there that dilemma, but she is about to start a new job… Rory knows all about her secret and is the company that is hiring her. He just doesn’t want her know… Is there any way she can resist the handsome werewolf and does she even want to?

This book has some fun writing with some creative twists. This is not my favorite Zena Wynn book…but it is still good. There were some very comedic moments that made me laugh out loud. I recommend Claiming Shayla for those who like paranormal reads.

Book Blurb for Claiming Shayla

Six weeks ago, Shayla Morgan, geek extraordinaire, fled the tiny mountain town of Refuge, North Carolina as though the hounds of hell--or one horny werewolf--were on her tail. Now the time has come to return for her cousin’s wedding and face the piper in the form of one determined, red-haired wolf-shifter who believes she’s his mate.

After the hell of his childhood, Rory McFelan, alpha of the Sparrowhawks, determined never to mate or reproduce. That was before the Creator dropped one feisty, irritating human female with a scent his wolf wouldn’t let him ignore into his path right before a blue moon. In the few short days it took the blue moon to wane, Rory found himself mated with a pup on the way, and his mate gone.

Getting her back is the easy part. Keeping her is more difficult. He’ll have to fight demons--his and hers--his pack, her family, and an unknown enemy determined to destroy him, any way they can.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: sex in shifted form. Length: Novel Plus / Series: True Mates; Previous Book: Nikolai's Wolf

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00