Carinian's Seeker

Vampire Council of Ethics,#1

This is a paranormal romance about Carinian - a super smart scientist and her seeker (vampire) Bix. Carinian is his target. He is supposed to stay close to her to find a rouge vampire that works in the lab beside her own. What Bix doesn’t know is Carin is his mate and although he should not be mixing business and pleasure…he can’t seem to focus with his mate only inches away from him. The rouge vampire Sidheon immediately notices that he is being tracked and disappears from his job. That doesn’t mean he gives up though…not on his secret plan or his obsession over Carin. He is determined to make both work.

I was not satisfied with this story. I think the plot needed a little work. It wasn’t all that believable. The start of the book was interesting…there was a sense of “what’s going on,” that had me turning the pages. Immediately after Carin and Bix admitted they shared a deep attraction…the story went downhill for me. It was very hard to keep up with what was going on.

I don’t think Sidheon was scary enough to play the villain in the book. It didn’t take much to defeat him, every plan he had backfired, and he was told off by his ‘subordinates” many times.

Lastly, I feel that I was actually more interested in Alaan than Bix; yet, neither seemed to be smart enough to play a prime character. Not once, but twice they were led right into a set up.

I really wanted to like the story, but it didn’t happen.

Book Blurb for Carinian's Seeker

She's his target...and his mate. Aw,hell! Book One in the Vampire Council of Ethics series. Beautiful genius, Carinian Derrickson, wants to live long enough to date a man from the future generations of spacemen, complete with ray guns and starships. She's not crazy, she's just afraid of dying young of some dreaded disease, like all the rest of her family. Her research into gene therapy has shown her the way to extend her life is by emulating traits only before seen in fiction. Vampire fiction. Only the beings that shouldn't exist are very real indeed.

Unknown to her, there's a bad boy vampire in the lab next door with a goal quite the opposite of hers. If he has his way, he'll bring the Vampire Council of Ethics (V.C.O.E.) to its knees.

Jon Bixler is a Seeker for the Council-an assassin and undercover operative in a world of humans. Bix must get close enough to this rogue to find out exactly how he plans to dismantle the Council. And Carinian is just the ticket. But when he meets her, all his vampire common sense flies out the window as his libido leaps off the charts. What's he going to do now that the woman is in danger and secretly trying to do the impossible?

Bix and Carin can't deny the combustion of love and lust between them. They accept their mating. But can they stay alive long enough to enjoy it?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 2.75