Cali's Hurricane

Oyster Harbor Book 4

Jonathan Carter is filled with hate for all black people after having a bad childhood experience. It doesn’t help that he is in position to take up the helm of the Klan. The only kink in his plan is the beautiful family cook, Cali Waters. Her food is delicious but her skin is not the same color as his. Jonathan hides his attraction behind demands and snares, but when his life is on the line, Cali saves him. Both Cali and Jonathan are shocked by her actions and how quickly their bond grows. Nonetheless, how close can a prejudice man get with a woman so different than himself?

The concept of “Cali’s Hurricane” was great…taking someone who doesn’t really know how to love and showing them what love is. We see the changes of Jonathan Carter as the story progresses and how far he will go to prove to Cali that he is a changed man. I normally hate stories that heavily focus on more than one story; however, Mary and Jimmy are quite an interesting pair. Their story was enough to keep me invested in their lives.

The only things I can say is that with the topic choice, I thought there would be much more conflict from outside forces, perhaps Jonathan’s father or other Klan members. Instead, it seemed the only demons the characters faced here were themselves. Overall, this book has a very interesting plot and flowing dialogue. Those who like historical romances will enjoy this read.

Book Blurb for Cali's Hurricane

Oyster Harbor ~ where passion and race collide

Despite the racial tensions brewing in Oyster Harbor in the 1930s, three interracial couples have found love. When a hurricane blows through, will hate finally be washed away or will it grow back stronger than ever?

Jonathan Carter, filled with hate from a childhood incident, cares only about keeping the Klan strong on the island. Cali Waters, still grieving for her husband who died from a Klan attack, longs to use her healing gift instead of being the Carter family cook. When a hurricane threatens the hospital Jon started to build, an injury puts his life in her hands and a chance to heal more than his flesh.

Jonathan’s sister, Mary, is tired of the sheltered existence she’s lived since being raped. When Jimmy Clark, a black oyster shucker, rescues her during the hurricane, she heals from his gentle love. But if her brother finds out, both relationships will be put to a test fiercer than any storm.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00