Access Granted

Alpha Male Incorporated, #2

Overall, the book was good. I do think the female character’s names were too similar. The book was interesting, but Zander and Sabrina could have spent more time bonding.

After many, many years Zander Irizzary has finally found his mate. The only problem is she does not know she is his mate. The other hitch may be even worse than that…because she does not know exactly ‘what’ he is. Sabrina Watley does not want any relationship right now. Not only are men complicated but she is in mourning over her brother’s passing away. She wants to pay him the respect he deserves. Truth be told, she is not attracted to any of the men asking her on dates. But…then there is Zander…he’s a little different. He’s good-looking and he won’t take no for an answer.

Book Blurb for Access Granted

How to claim a unique woman in five simple steps:

1. Never come on too strong.

2. Always give her room to be herself.

3. Listen to her wants and needs.

4. No matter what is going on, be there for her 24/7.

5. When steps 1-4 fail, seduce the hell out of her.

After years and years of endless searching for his unique woman, Zander Irizarry finally found her. He was more than ready to make Sabrina Watley his forever.

However, he ran into a 'tiny' roadblock when it came to claiming his woman. Sabrina didn't want to live forever, and just hearing the words sent her off into a tailspin.

Sabrina Watley wasn't prepared for when the very hypnotic Zander Irizzary sauntered up to her. As a court reporter she was used to being in the background; however, he wanted her front and center as his mate...

Was she ready to give up the life she cherished to spend eternity with him?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.00