Wrong Highway

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Wrong Highway

Living is like a highway. There are roads that lead in different directions. Sometimes you are on the straight and narrow road. Then the road veers off into other roads going into different directions. Which direction you go and which road you take is up to you. At times that road may go in the wrong direction and that road will lead into another road and so on. Your life starts to spiral in a down ward direction. This book is about which road Ericka will take. She was on the straight and narrow road but at some point she took a wrong turn, which continually led her to more wrong turns.

Two sisters, back in the 80's, Ericka (Rikki) and her sister, Debbie are different as night and day. They have always been since really young and are still that way, years later. Both girls, in their 30's, are married. Rikki has a successful husband, Ethan, three little boys and a baby girl. Debbie's husband Ron, is a DJ. Debbie works as a hairdresser. They have a teenage son, Jared.

The author gives us family fighting, drugs, and drinking. I could picture the scenes of Rikki, taking care of her kids, trying to be a friend to Jared, her drugs leading to more drugs, and the never ending fighting with her sister and her sister's husband. You are there as Rikki veers off the right highway, although it has the usual potholes, onto the exits which lead her to one wrong road and another after that. Will she be able to get back on the right path? Will she continue taking her drugs or will she find a way out?

As you read you find some of the characters are so likeable and others, you absolutely can't stand. This story is almost completely about the characters. The author developed them so well that you feel their emotions and can picture them day in and day out.

If you grew up in the 80's, you can definitely picture the shag carpet, the baggies of drugs, the clothing, "Vince" the Volvo and all that takes place. You can relate. Take a ride with Ericka on a road she doesn't want to be on and is not sure how to find the right exit.

Book Blurb for Wrong Highway

It is 1986. Erica Richards lives in West Meadow, Long Island with ther three young boys, newborn baby girl, and successful Wall Street analyst husband. But dont be fooled by her seemingly placid suburban lifestyle. Erica is fierce, curious, uncompromising and often impulsive. When her teenage nephew Jared rebels against his straight-laced parents Ron and Debbie, he turns to Erica for help, setting in motion a chain of events that will take all of them careening down a dangerous and twisty highway. Buckle your seatbelt, crank up the 80s soundtrack, and learn how stunningly easy it is to keep BIG SECRETS.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50