Witches Be Crazy

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Witches Be Crazy

A Tale That Happened Once Upon a Time in the Middle of Nowhere

As the blurb showcases, real heroes never die…come middle age they do get a bit crabby. With that bit you know this book is going to be filled with some humor.

In Witches Be Crazy we have a long lost shapely imposter daughter. King Ik is dead and she’s on the throne. Men are coming out of the woodwork to worship her and there is only one man who can save the kingdom, Dungar Loloth.

Can Dungar Loloth survive the pirates, those in cults, the Amazonians who are radical and any other dangers along the journey? Why yes…well maybe he can in this hilarious debut by Logan J. Hunder. What does this novel prove? The best and brightest heroes are not always the ones for the job. Will the kingdom of Jenair be saved and will the one saving it be Dungar Loloth…?

The author stayed true to his passion. He is a Canadian comedy fantasy writer and wanting to write to his fullest potential. He has done that with Witches Be Crazy. He has blown up the fantasy genre with a mixture of the fantastic and the mundane.

If you like your fantasy with comedy don’t wait too long to add this book to your must read pile.

Book Blurb for Witches Be Crazy

Real heroes never die. But they do get grouchy in middle age.

The beloved King Ik is dead, and there was barely time to check his pulse before the royal throne was supporting the suspiciously shapely backside of an impostor pretending to be Ik’s beautiful long-lost daughter. With the land’s heroic hunks busy drooling all over themselves, there’s only one man left who can save the kingdom of Jenair. His name is Dungar Loloth, a rural blacksmith turned innkeeper, a surly hermit and an all-around nobody oozing toward middle age, compensating for a lack of height, looks, charm, and tact with guts and an attitude.

Normally politics are the least of his concerns, but after everyone in the neighboring kingdom of Farrawee comes down with a severe case of being dead, Dungar learns that the masquerading princess not only is behind the carnage but also has similar plans for his own hometown. Together with the only person senseless enough to tag along, an eccentric and arguably insane hobo named Jimminy, he journeys out into the world he’s so pointedly tried to avoid as the only hope of defeating the most powerful person in it. That is, if he can survive the pirates, cultists, radical Amazonians, and assorted other dangers lying in wait along the way.

Logan J. Hunder’s hilarious debut blows up the fantasy genre with its wry juxtaposition of the fantastic and the mundane, proving that the best and brightest heroes aren’t always the best for the job.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00