Wild to the Bone

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Wild to the Bone

The Bush Riders, #2

This is book two by the author, Peter Brandvold, in an erotic western series. The book is about Bear Haskell, a lady's man and Pinkerton agent. In Book One Bear met his new partner, quite a partner. I loved how the author chose to put an uptight yet lovely Raven York with Bear who wasn't sure of her abilities. He soon discovered he was wrong when she saved him on one of their missions.

Now, here we are in Book Two and they are together again. Their mission is to rescue President Johnson's niece. They soon find themselves in danger. The author puts the reader right there with the duo. As the reader goes along on this mission, can the niece be rescued and can they stay alive? The author wrote an entertaining and easy to read story.

Bear isn't your typical Pinkerton man. He is bold, a little smart mouthed and right in your face. The author puts him in trouble constantly. You can't but be a little charmed by him. Raven is just the opposite. She is careful and goes beyond the norm to get answers to her questions. I liked the way the author paired the two together. They are quite the opposites and yet worked seemingly well together. The two of them bring out the best and the worst in each other which at times is humorous.

The author wrote this book as an erotic western. The sexual scenes would probably appeal more to men than women. The author wrote the sex to be just sex. There was no romance. I didn't particularly care for the double standard. It seems that Bear can sleep with anyone and as many women as he chooses. While, Raven on the other hand is only allowed to have sex with Bear. Seems to me that tit for tat applies. If Bear can have some on the side, why can't Raven? The author wasn't presenting women equally. I personally didn't care for that part.

The book is a fast read, filled with adventure but there's a lot of sex. If you don't care for all the sex without the romance then this book isn't for you. This is my personal opinion. Grab the book and give it a go. You may find you like it and have a different outlook than I did.

Book Blurb for Wild to the Bone

Following fast on the tail of High and Wild, this second book in the erotic historical western Bush Riders series offers some rough-and-tumble fun, featuring two undercover agents who are wild for each other.

Bear Haskell, a Texan veteran of the Civil War who fought for the Union, can’t stand that he has to work with Raven York, a proud Yankee and wealthy heiress who went against her family’s wishes to become an agent. But as Allan Pinkerton’s top two undercover agents, they must set aside their differences and learn to work together.

Tracking down killers, kidnappers, con artists, bank robbers, and train bandits throughout the entire Wild West isn’t easy. And constantly being at odds with each other only fuels the tension—sexual and otherwise—between Bear and Raven. Conflicted by their professional and ravenously sexual personal relationship, the two decide to see other people. But, unable to keep completely out of the way, Raven’s path intertwines with Bear’s on a job, and together they must navigate the often humorous muddle of temptation against the backdrop of the late-nineteenth century West.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 3.00