White Water Passion

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White Water Passion

A Montana Mountain Romance

Back in the 1800's women didn't wear pants, women were supposed to be the weak and yet they were the backbone of life. But in this book we are given a strong women who went against the traditional idea of what a woman should do and look like. She wore pants and gave off the appearance of a man. She did this in order to be a part of a logging camp.

I loved the way the author described not only the characters but the settings. You could actually visualize them. I did find it a bit strange that being in the wilds of Montana mountains, there wasn't any mention of wild creatures. Back then, they were abundant. Populations hadn't been diminished. Just as I thought that, I turned the page and there they were. Lesson learned, don't judge until you've read the entire book.

I thought the way the author presented logging on the river during those times was amazing. You could almost feel the cold, clear river water splashing on your face as the raging wind blew through the trees. That was a dangerous time in history. A time of survival, long hard days and even through all of this, there was romance that held passion.

"White Water Passion" is a book that allows you to retreat into another time. As you turn the pages, the pace picks up and you get the feel of the emotions of love of where you lived. Elizabeth loved her town and yet, she knew it could all go up in smoke if the Big Mountain Lumber Mill was destroyed. She wasn't about to let that happen.

If you want to escape to another time, feel the danger, the passion with good characters and settings, then read this book! Ms. Dawn Luedecke has given us a wonderful book. Read it! You won't regret it.

Book Blurb for White Water Passion

The Montana Territory is one of the last outposts of the American West—where adventure as grand as the wide-open plains is around every corner, and passion as wild as the land itself beats in every heart . . .

Elizabeth Sanders isn’t afraid of anything, except what will happen to her beloved town if the Big Mountain Lumber Mill is destroyed. When she overhears a plot to do just that, she vows to put a stop to it, even if it means dressing as a young lumberjack to expose the saboteur. There’s only one problem with her plan—her brother’s handsome friend and fellow logger Garrett Jones, who arouses a desire within her soul as fierce as the river rapids.

When Garrett discovers that the odd new lad on the crew is in fact Beth, he’s shocked. A logging camp is no place for a young woman—especially the spirited beauty he’s admired for so long. Keeping her safe is easier said than done, however, as the attraction between them flares into true passion. As the danger mounts, Beth and Garrett must work together to survive the last log run down the wild rapids and claim any chance of saving the mill—and their chance at a future . . .

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00