Wagon Train Sisters

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Wagon Train Sisters

Women of the West, #2

There's gold in them there hills. So many heard the word gold and off they went, leaving everything in search of the almighty richness that gold would bring. Many didn't even make it to the place where the gold was supposedly found. Many got there only to be robbed or lose their claims. Many found there was no striking it rich. Few found their jackpot, but very few.

When Sarah Gregg became a widow she decided to join up with the wagon train her family was joining and head west for the search of gold. Her sister was among the family but a tragedy happened about half way through the difficult travels west. Florrie comes up missing. They tried and tried to find her with no avail so Sarah just wants a quiet uneventful life when she reaches California.

She doesn't know it, but one of the people on the wagon train is Jack McCoy. He's a drifter and a gambler and sees something else for Sarah. When they reach Gold Creek, his attentiveness sends Sarah in a different direction. Then an unexpected thing happens. News about Florrie comes but it's not what everyone was hoping for. Sarah has hope and together with Jack they continue the rough road together. Will they find Florrie? Will there be a possible romance in their future? Will there be Gold in their future?

The author wrote a story of back in them gold rush days. She takes you on a journey to the day when life was so much harder but people survived, they were tough. They used resources that no one these days would even think of. The author puts you on that wagon train starting out with the gleam in your eye thinking of getting rich with a strike. Then as time passes, that gleam turns dull and some must find other means to survive.

The author gives us a story of love, family, survival and dreams. What a good combination to set aside the pressures of the day. A beautiful tale of what happened in the days long ago.

If you love westerns, then follow the Gregg's on their wagon train voyage across the west in search of not just gold, but survival, love and family.

Book Blurb for Wagon Train Sisters

After the death of her abusive husband, Sarah Gregg is free to join her family along with thousands of others in the nation’s westward march for gold. But in the middle of the hard journey, Sarah’s younger sister, Florrie, disappears. Devastated by the family’s failed attempts to find her missing sister, Sarah now wants only to settle into a quiet, uneventful life when she reaches California . . .

But Jack McCoy, a drifter and one-time gambler riding along their wagon train, sees so much more for Sarah. In the roaring mining town of Gold Creek his attentive persistence points Sarah toward new vistas. Then unexpected news of Florrie arrives—and it’s worse than anyone expected. But driven by a new hopefulness, Sarah seeks help from Jack, despite his troubled past. The two have traveled a rough road together, and only their hearts can tell them where they are headed . . .

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.50