Trusting Grace

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Trusting Grace

Virtues and Vices of the Old West Book #3

Grace is struggling and has been as she takes care of her aging father. She is a woman alone trying to do a daughter's duty, a widow's job and keep it all together. Not only that but she is a widow and trying to keep the ranch her late husband built going. She finally decides she can't do it on her own, so she decides to hire help. As she has decided this, Robert Frazier and his three children arrive in town. They have nothing but the ragged clothes on their back, not to mention a lot of pride, anger and too much, way too much hurt. Grace believes God has sent him. So she welcomes him and his three children. Grace has known that there would never be another man in her life, but could this possibly change? As time passes, Grace and Robert grow close, but Robert holds back. Can Grace get him to believe that she is the one to let his heart go to?

The author gives us a look into the 1860's Gallatin Valley, Montana. You can almost visualize how lovely the scenery is. You have your snowcapped mountains, lush valleys and pine trees that rise above everything. You can almost feel the wind on your face as it blows through the trees. The author did a remarkable job of describing the characters and the scenery. So much that it seems real to you. You’re there on that ranch back in the day and looking around at those mountains and valleys.

The book is well written with a steady pace. Your emotions may take hold and your heart strings might be pulled as you hope that Robert is the right hired hand. But more so you hope that Grace and Robert find love, a love not only for them but those three little children who need it.

This book is the conclusion to the Virtues and Vices of the Old West. It’s very well written and has good descriptions. Those are two things that are important to me in a good book. Plus you are left wanting more and that is just what the author did. Maggie Brendan left the reader wanting more, but also provided just the right amount in this book.

Book Blurb for Trusting Grace

All of her life, Grace Bidwell has longed for a loving husband and children, but now the chances of her dreams coming true are looking slim. Widowed and caring for her elderly father, she struggles to maintain her late husband's ranch, until she places an ad for a hired hand.

Robert Frasier arrives in town with three pitiful, bedraggled children who have nothing but the tattered clothes on their backs and a load of hurt, pride, and anger. Believing this is divine intervention in her life, Grace welcomes them with open arms. As feelings grow between her and Robert, Grace will have to convince him that she is a woman who can be trusted with his heart.

Readers will be swept away into 1860s Montana's lush Gallatin Valley, nestled among towering mountains and proud pines, in this emotional conclusion to the Virtues and Vices of the Old West series.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50