To Marry a Texas Outlaw

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To Marry a Texas Outlaw

Men of Legend Book 3

In “To Marry a Texas Outlaw” we have outlaw Luke Weston. He is being hunted. We also have Josie Morgan. The two are thrown together due to circumstances. Luke finds Josie with blood all over her and she’s lost her memory. The question is, what happened to Josie? Luke is trying to clear his name, his real name. He is desperately trying to keep that from everyone. He's a legend, in more ways than one. Now, Josie is with him. Is she an outlaw too? Or are they both just two people trying to find family and themselves? Luke is part of a legend family. There is Sam, Houston (Luke's brothers) and Stoker, Luke's real father.

But can the oldest Legend brother finally clear his name? Can he finely go home and be a part of a family again? The Lone Star Ranch is part his. Right now he doesn't have time for a woman in his life. He denies as time goes on that he loves Josie and Josie loves him. Do dreams really come true?

The author gives you a love story between what seems to be two wanted outlaws. There is so much action and suspense. Plus readers experience the desire to love and want the best for these two outlaws. That is if they are outlaws. While reading “To Marry a Texas Outlaw”, you don't care, but as the book gains momentum, you just want them to live out their dreams. To find love and live on the Lone Star Ranch as Legends. Not outlaw legends, but as Luke and Josie Legend.

The author has you taking deep breathes, thinking on what family really means and of course, dreams and love. I love westerns, especially with that touch of romance. This book is one of a kind. It's the good guy striving to take down his past, claiming his home and become a part of a family. With Josie, his brothers and his father, dream can come true. There's others that Luke takes into his life, but you'll have to read to find out. The only problem I had with the book was it ended. I wanted more of Luke Weston. He was a real Legend! Don't we all love the bad boy!

Book Blurb for To Marry a Texas Outlaw

Three Brothers. One Oath.

No Compromises.


The Outlaw

Outlaw Luke Weston survives by his wits. On the run for a murder he didn’t commit, the last thing he needs is to go looking for more trouble. But when Luke stumbles across a fiercely beautiful woman struggling against two heavily armed men, it’s obvious that trouble has found him.

After all, he never could resist a damsel in distress.

Josie Morgan’s distressed, all right—and hopping mad. She has no idea why she’s been kidnapped…or who she is…or why her body melts for the mysterious gunslinger who saved her life. But as the lost memories come tumbling back together, Josie is faced with the stark reality of why she and Luke can never be…even as her heart is telling her she will always be his.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 5.00