1 Night Stand Series

Thunder is a book that should be read on a night when the wind is howling, the rain is pelting against the windows and the thunder is clapping through the hills. You'll start to hear things that aren't really there, or are they? Then the lightning will strike and the house will shake. The shadows will make you think someone is there. Your heart will start to beat hard but you can't put the book down. When frightening things go bump and the floors creak, who would you call? The one and only man you are driving crazy, even though he tries to stay away, the one who runs to you every time you summon him.

Veronica Hardwick, young, lonely, a recently widowed witch has been trying to get back on her life track. Her elderly deceased husband left her with a huge estate in the magical Sleepy Hollow. He also left her a fortune that would keep her going for a very long, long time. Veronica is a rich, needy, young widow.

Sean Jones, contractor and developer, has been renovating her mansion for quite some time. He's a front page attraction on the gossip papers with his beautiful supermodels on his arm every night. Is it the glitzy supermodels that entice him? Or is it the lonely young widow, who just happens to be a witch?

Sean is at times, distant. At other times he is confident, a little egotistical with a fantastic sense of humor. When he opens the door to his real self and lets you in, you find that he is very caring. One other thing, he definitely knows how to give a girl a good time, a VERY good time. Sean has a wild imagination and puts it to work more than not.

Sean tries to run from Veronica, but whenever she needs him, he can't help himself. He feels a strong need to protect her, but from what? She was such a pain in the ass to Sean, but he danced to her tune.

The book is about the paranormal. Veronica takes advantage of being a witch only once. Veronica being a witch does make the story. Two types of scenes appear in the book, just like in real life. Reality and sex scenes at the end of the book are well worth the wait.

The story is funny, strange, scary, sexy and straight to the heart at times. The thing was, it was like the story was stopped in the middle. It left you hanging. The title was written into the story too many times. The book seemed like everything was just too perfect, not a page turner. The cover was fantastic. Not only does it tell the story, it has color and depth that would just wash over you like in a dream. You want that book to draw you in and make you part of the scenes and one of the characters.

Book Blurb for Thunder

Lonely young witch, Veronica Hardwicke, has struggled to get on with her life after the death of the elderly husband who’d left her a fortune and a sprawling estate in mystical Sleepy Hollow. When frightening things go bump in the night on a stormy Fourth of July, who better to call than the sexy developer and contractor, Sean Jones, who's been renovating her mansion for months?

Sean may grace the tabloid pages with a different supermodel on his arm every night, but it's Veronica who drives him nuts. Ignoring his instinct to stay away, he answers her summons.

Will the thundering passion of their 1Night Stand tear down the barriers between them? (12K)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50