Thrill Kill

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Thrill Kill

A Matt Sinclair Mystery, #2

I didn't read the first book of the “Matt Sinclair” mystery series. The author, Brian Thiem was once an Oakland homicide detective and so this book gets a personal touch of the life of a homicide detective. This book doesn't get bogged down with the slow arm of justice though. The author adds lots of action, on the edge of your seat suspense and an ending making you want more.

Matt Sinclair is dealing with a drinking problem, PTSD and sees a therapist. He also goes to AA meetings, occasionally. Matt is one of those detectives who is extremely dedicated to his job, sometimes putting protocol aside to get the job done. He cares, maybe too much.

A case that touches Matt deeply comes his way. Dawn Gustafon is found naked, hung from a tree, strangled and set on fire. Now the race is on. This case is almost personal for Matt. Dawn was a prostitute who was trying to turn her life around.

Matt and his partner put 150% into this case. It isn't only about a prostitute being killed, but what is behind her death. So many secrets to uncover and one just leads to another. This has become a race, a race against time that could save so many innocent lives. These detectives aren't thinking of their own safety, but about that of the innocent victims.

The author gives the reader so much insight into the lives of detectives, suspense, and a look into the sometimes stand still of crime investigation. The pace is steady and won't give you a chance to close the book.

Will Dawn be able to finally rest in peace? Will the secrets be uncovered and the criminals face justice? You will need to read to find out. I would suggest reading Book One first even though these are standalone books.

Book Blurb for Thrill Kill

Cops in Oakland seldom meet people whose lives are going well. That's certainly the case when homicide sergeant Matt Sinclair recognizes the dead woman hanging from a tree as a teenage runaway named Dawn he arrested ten years before. And as Sinclair and his partner, Cathy Braddock, soon learn, many of Dawn’s clients, not to mention the local and federal officials, who protect them will go to any length to keep the police from digging too deep into her past.

Then the killer goes public, and Sinclair and Braddock must race to uncover the secrets Dawn was killed to protect before the killer unleashes a major attack on a scale the city has never seen before. But in the process, Sinclair runs into secrets from his own past--some of which could end his homicide career for good.

With Thrill Kill, the second novel in the Detective Matt Sinclair mystery series, Brian Thiem, a veteran of the Oakland Police Department and the Iraq war, has written a nuanced police procedural that could only be written by a trained detective with years of hard-earned experience.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50