The Woman on Pritchard Street

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The Woman on Pritchard Street

Vasile Chronicles #1

The suspense in The Woman on Pritchard Street keeps you on the edge. The main character changes page by page until he's not the same.

The story has a lot of political webs in the White House, DC Police and Homeland Security. The setting is in Georgia, Budapest and D.C. A small town journalist, Simon, from Georgia is now in D.C. He's driven by fast money and the way he obtains it sends him back home. All forms of evil are all around him and his ex-girlfriend, Grace.

He's setting at Beckett's a bookstore in D.C. relaxing. No one notices him except Leslie. He was a real weirdo and very pushy, always admiring Simon's long, slim fingers. One day, Leslie pushed Simon's magic button, money and lots and lots of money.

Just when you think you know what's happening next, here comes that ninety degree angle. You can't lay this book down because after the Georgia assignment, attacks in D.C. and the planned Budapest trip, it keeps you turning the pages.

The Woman on Pritchard Street holds a lot of mystery, shocking events and DARKNESS. Hold on to your chair and start reading. I didn't tell you anything about the woman and her house on Pritchard Street. It's from the DARK SIDE!

Book Blurb for The Woman on Pritchard Street

Sometimes things just fall into your lap. Some make you smile and enjoy the ride. Others make you grab your balls and pray for redemption. When this job fell my way, the easy money clouded my senses. Though my balls ached, I ignored my gut. I figured, why not? …Simon Nicolae Gautreaux

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50