The Valley of the Shadow

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The Valley of the Shadow

Cornish Mysteries

This is the third book in the Cornish Mystery series by Carola Dunn. The story is based along the British countryside and it takes place around the 1970's in Cornwall. Off Duty DS Megan Pencarrow and Nick save a young Asian Indian man who was on the verge of drowning. He was found in a place that wasn't good for swimming. His head had a bruise on it. They take him to the hospital where he mumbles about the smugglers who had brought the family to England and then deserted them. They had been left in a cave with no help. The police try to find the family from what the man said. They are eventually found.

Cornwall has been dealing with smuggling for years. Where else would be an ideal place to smuggle someone other than the caves and hidden coves? Sometimes these families are desperate and pay a lot of money to enter a new country. Then, as in this book, they are left to fend for themselves, often losing their lives.

Carola Dunn's description of her characters is very realistic. The book is suspenseful and interesting. It is also educational. You don't just read it, you absorb it.

Overall thought I was not a fan of the book. It wasn't a keeper for me, mostly because of the truth that lies in between the lines.

Sometimes you want a release from reality. And to me, this wasn't. It was still well written and a good book, just not for me.

I do have to say that Carola Dunn writes a very entertaining mystery.

Find yourself a cozy place with your cup of tea and take some "me" time. READ and decide for yourself!

Book Blurb for The Valley of the Shadow

A cryptic message spurs Eleanor, Megan, and Nick Gresham on a frantic search for a refugee's missing family

While out on a walk, Eleanor Trewynn, her niece Megan, and her neighbor Nick spot a young, half-drowned Indian man floating in the water. Delirious and concussed, he utters a cryptic message about his family being trapped in a cave and his mother dying. The young man, unconscious and unable to help, is whisked away to a hospital while a desperate effort is mounted find the missing family in time. 

The local police inspector presumes that they are refugees from East Africa, abandoned by the smugglers who brought them in, so while the countryside is being scoured for the family, Eleanor herself descends into a dangerous den of smugglers in a desperate search to find the man responsible while there is still time.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00