The Secret of Magic

Deborah Johnson wrote a book that brings history into the open. The Secret of Magic is a novel in which black and white children played in a magical forest. As a child, the main character Regina was captivated with the book. At that time, the book went out to the public in full force. Even though it was on the cover of Time magazine, it was banned in the Deep South more than any other book. Regina heads to Mississippi to find Mr. Calhoun after his sudden disappearance to find out some information about the case. As she travels through the muddy waters of her own past, relationships and racism, she finds that the south is exactly as it seems. The South.

The Secret of Magic a wonderful book about finding truth for a war hero, and investigating the disappearance of Mr. Calhoun. The author keeps the reader captivated as she journeys into the Deep South in hopes of setting free the black war hero, and finding out what happened to Mr. Calhoun. This story is a good mystery for a slow afternoon. There is a reader's guide also included.

Regina Robichard works for Thurgood Marshall. She is an attorney from New York City in 1946. She defends a black man in the Deep South hoping to find justice. A letter arrives asking the NAACP to take into consideration the investigation of a black war hero who has returned, and is accused of murder.

Book Blurb for The Secret of Magic

In a novel that brings authentic history to light,”* a young female attorney from New York City attempts the impossible in 1946: attaining justice for a black man in the Deep South.

Regina Robichard works for Thurgood Marshall, who receives an unusual letter asking the NAACP to investigate the murder of a returning black war hero. It is signed by M. P. Calhoun, the most reclusive author in the country.

As a child, Regina was captivated by Calhoun’s The Secret of Magic, a novel in which white and black children played together in a magical forest. The book was a sensation, featured on the cover of Time magazine, and banned more than any other book in the South. And then M.P. Calhoun disappeared.

With Thurgood’s permission, Regina heads down to Mississippi to find Calhoun and investigate the case. But as she navigates the muddy waters of racism, relationships, and her own tragic past, she finds that nothing in the South is as it seems.


*Augusta Trobaugh

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00