The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake

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The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake

Samuel Craddock Mysteries

Setting: Jarrett Creek, Texas.

Nonie Blake, nickname for Winona tried to hang her 8 year old sister when she was a mere 14. She was then sent to a psychiatric hospital. She had always been a troubled child. What was on her mind when she showed up at the family house, after being in the psychiatric hospital for 20 years. Did she want to re-unite with the family? Or was there something more on her mind?

It really didn't matter what she was up to. She was dead just days after arrival. At first it was thought she had drowned because she was found in a pound on the family property. But it wasn't drowning, it was murder. Who killed Nonie? Did she find out something that someone didn't want known? The Blake family has always kept to themselves. They act like they are helping the sheriff but something tells Sam, there's more to it. Clues are few and far between.

Ms. Shames wrote a murder mystery that carried a fast pace which made the 250 pages go rather fast. She weaves a web of twists and turns that keep you guessing as you turn each page. Grab a copy and find out why Nonie was killed and who killed her?

Book Blurb for The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake

"She was a dangerous girl and people think she'll be a dangerous woman."

Nonie Blake is back home from a mental institution where she has spent the last twenty years, and people in Jarrett Creek are worried. Maybe too worried, for within a week of her return, Nonie is murdered.

Chief Samuel Craddock thinks the only possible suspects are members of her tight-lipped family. Ever since Nonie tried to kill her sister when she was fourteen and was sent away to the institution, the family has kept to itself.

Clues are scarce and Craddock is stumped. So he checks with therapists at the mental hospital to see whether they can add anything useful to his investigation. But he discovers that she has not been there for ten years. Now Craddock has to find out where Nonie has been all this time.

Soon Craddock finds himself dealing not only with murder, but layers of deception and secrets, and in the midst of it all—a new deputy, one Maria Trevino, sent by the sheriff to beef up security in the small Texas town.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50