The Mango Bride

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The Mango Bride

The Mango Bride was very interesting. I know nothing about it going in and I got to become part of it. The book was very realistic and written on a personal note. There are so many true to life settings. You may wonder what it would be like growing up in Manila. Some of the events in the book are based on true events. The author shows the Filipino psyche as the characters are "family". The Mango Bride will make you think and it's a very easy fast paced read. Some of the events you can really relate to. About 10 million Filipinos are living away from their own land. Most of the overseas Filipinos are in the service. Their culture is one of helping and caring. You will find those who aren't, but the majority are. You may find that once you start reading The Mango Bride you won't want to stop. The author tackles some difficult subjects including what is supposed to be proper. As well as immigration, types of class, and domestic violence. Ms. Soliven compares what the older generations and the differences between the first generation Filipinos. The author should be applauded for writing an interesting, educational and culturally defining book. It was thought provoking. She certainly did her research.

I recommend this book to everyone, especially women of all ages and races. It's heartwarming and as you read, you become part of their world.

I give The Mango Bride 4 STARS.

Book Blurb for The Mango Bride

Two women, two cultures, and the fight to find a new life in America, despite the secrets of the past…

Banished by her wealthy Filipino family in Manila, Amparo Guerrero travels to Oakland, California, to forge a new life.  Although her mother labels her life in exile a diminished one, Amparo believes her struggles are a small price to pay for freedom.

Like Amparo, Beverly Obejas—an impoverished Filipina waitress—forsakes Manila and comes to Oakland as a mail-order bride in search of a better life. Yet even in the land of plenty, Beverly fails to find the happiness and prosperity she envisioned.

As Amparo works to build the immigrant’s dream, she becomes entangled in the chaos of Beverly’s immigrant nightmare. Their unexpected collision forces them both to make terrible choices and confront a life-changing secret, but through it all they hold fast to family, in all its enduring and surprising transformations.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00