The Island of Doves

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The Island of Doves

The setting is 19th Century America (1820's) - Buffalo NY

The author Ms. McNees gives us a good lesson on the rights of women back then. She shows how laws were needed to protect the women from even their own abusive husbands. She did a wonderful job of describing these women who had the strength and courage to escape their pasts and continue in hopes of a brighter future.

SUSANNAH FRASER lives with her abusive husband. The author puts in a little about the fact that there were no laws back then to protect the abused and the abuser was never questioned. Edward, her husband is a rich man of business, but their home is like a fortress and Susannah is it's prisoner. They should be a happy couple since they live in one of the richest mansions in Buffalo. The husband makes life miserable and Susannah feels like he will kill her if she doesn't get out soon.

To her rescue comes a nun and a priest who help her escape. She is headed for the rough frontier of Mackinac Island. Susannah's only chance for freedom and a new start are among the loggers, fur traders and trading posts. Susannah is a strong woman. So when she meets Magdelaine Fonteneau she begins to find peace with others who have their secrets and their own personal heartaches. Together the two women befriend each other as they come to grips with their pasts and their future in hopes of building a new life of happiness with new found strength.

Book Blurb for The Island of Doves

Vivid and enthralling, Island of the Doves tells the story of two women in early nineteenth century America?one typical of her time, one extraordinary for it?who transform each other’s lives.

Susannah Fraser lives in one of Buffalo’s finest mansions, but her husband has made it a monstrous prison. When a mysterious woman offers to help her escape, Susannah boards a steamboat for Mackinac Island. But after being a dutiful daughter and obedient wife, it is only as she flees that she realizes how unprepared she is for freedom.

An exceptional woman of early America, Magdelaine Fonteneau has overcome convention to live a bold and adventurous life, achieving great wealth and power as a fur trader. But Magdelaine has also seen great tragedy and lost all that was dear to her, and she is no longer sure her hardened heart is capable of love.

Now, Magdelaine seeks redemption by offering safe harbor to Susannah. But as their friendship grows into something miraculous, it changes each woman in unexpected ways. Each needs to learn to love again, and only together can they realize a future bright with the promise of new life

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00