The Innkeeper's Sister

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The Innkeeper's Sister

A Honey Ridge Novel

The South has always been known for its hospitality and you get that in this book. The setting for “The Innkeeper's Sister” is Honey Ridge, Tennessee. You will be summoned with hospitality and sweet tea. But amidst this sweet luring sense of a wonderful place lies so many secrets that have been hidden for some time. The author gives the reader some situations that will pull at your heart. Your emotions will get hit rather hard. Some are very important issues that many of us have dealt with or know someone who has. It’s alcoholism.

Grayson Blake returns to Honey Ridge in hopes of starting a restaurant and giving back to the town with jobs and the drawing of tourists. But when working at rebuilding the old Grist Mill (soon to be his restaurant) a shocking surprise is revealed, a skeleton. This may put an end to Grayson's plans and dreams. But it will not only affect Grayson but the possible jobs and tourists will be threatened also.

The author introduces readers to a deep dark secret that has been hidden in the beautiful Tennessee Mountains for a long time. What name belongs to the skeleton and what happened? Will Grayson be able to solve this mystery and go on with his dream? Or will more secrets be revealed as the digging goes on?

“The Innkeeper's Sister” is a truly well written story. It progresses at an even pace so that you aren't overwhelmed with too many events and characters. The answers, you think, are always on the next page, but the pages keep turning. You get the yearning to be in those mountains with a sense of peacefulness, but beyond that peacefulness, the author gives you suspense, emotions and mystery. You want Grayson to succeed, to fulfill his dreams and help the town of Honey Ridge.

The author will have you believing you know the place and are witnessing what is going on. You will become invested in Grayson's life and the beauty and darkness of Honey Ridge. So grab a copy of this book, a glass of sweet tea, and sit back and relax. You're about to travel to the mountains of Tennessee.

Book Blurb for The Innkeeper's Sister

Welcome to Honey Ridge, Tennessee, where Southern hospitality and sweet peach tea beckon, and where long-buried secrets lead to some startling realizations… 

Grayson Blake always has a purpose—and never a moment to lose. He's come home to Honey Ridge to convert a historic gristmill into a restaurant, but his plans crumble like Tennessee clay when the excavation of a skeleton unearths a Civil War mystery…and leads him back to a beautiful and familiar stranger. 

Once a ballet dancer, now co-owner of the Peach Orchard Inn, Valery Carter harbors pain as deep as the secrets buried beneath the mill. A bright facade can't erase her regrets any more than a glass of bourbon can restore what she's lost. But spending time with Grayson offers Valery a chance to let go of her past and imagine a happier future. And with the discovery of hidden messages in aged sheet music, both their hearts begin to open. Bound by attraction, and compelled to resolve an old crime that links the inn and the mill, Grayson and Valery encounter a song of hurt, truth…and hope.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00