The Governess Next Door

The Brontë Brothers Book 1

Matthew Bronte is an artist. He's not thriving as they say. While studying art in France he lives at the home of Mathilde. Mathilde is quite rich and she becomes Matthew's mistress. Mathilde and Matthew have different feelings on the matter of love, so after a period of time, the distance between them grows. But Mathilde offers her fortune to Matthew on the condition that he not marry. Then we are introduced to Jane Grey who becomes a governess for Cecile. On her trip to "Tours France" she sees a picture of a man who grabs her attention with his looks. As governess she has her job cut out for her. She has to tame Lady Cecile's wild habits so she will be able to marry someone suitable. Then Matthew meets Jane and the hearts begin to collide. He wants to finally grow close to someone and so he gives Cecile and Jame both lessons in art. But does Jane know of his agreement for wealth to not marry? So once again, secrets are kept, but why? For money or love?

The author writes in a likeness to "Jane Eyre", and yet this is a very distinct story on it's own. The characters are like to those of Jane Eyre and the situations are somewhat similar but Ms. Mason stands on her own merit. "The Governess Next Door" is a memorable story indeed.

With the time period being "The Romanticism" the backdrop for this story is in art, not just painting but even gardening. The author has certainly done a good deal of research and wrote a story that will have your heart going in different directions.

The characters are interesting, not just Matthew, Mathilde and Jane but Cecile. I found her to be a stark difference to the other characters. Young and wild, she put a bit of zip into the story. She made you smile, even thinking about what a wild child was like back then. This is a story you won't be able to let go of. You won't be able to wait to turn the pages. It will take you back to a time period that was romantic.

Book Blurb for The Governess Next Door

He seemed perfect for her…until she learned his secret.

A decade ago, Raphael Brontë, a cousin to the Brontës of literary fame, sold his heart to a wealthy French Countess, whose patronage allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming an important painter. Now that she is dead, he fears he lacks the capacity to love—which is just as well, since he must forfeit the fortune she bequeathed him if ever he chooses to marry.

Prudence Middleton, a proper English governess, abandoned her dreams of finding happiness in marriage when her father’s desertion forced her to work for a living—to support herself as well as her mother and sister back home. Now, she is on her way to France to prepare a willful young woman for her debut—a task that seems as hopeless as ever escaping her lonely and degrading existence. Unless, of course, she meets a man who has money, along with all the other noble qualities she desires in a husband.

When the handsome, charming, and wealthy Count in a neighboring chateau takes an interest in her, she begins to believe her prayers have been answered—until she learns Lord Brontë has a secret He is not, says her ruthless coquette of a pupil, what he appears to be.

When forced to choose between her heart’s desire and her duty to her dependent relations, which will Prudence put first? Or will she find a way to have it all?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00