The Eloquence of the Dead

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The Eloquence of the Dead

SETTING: Dubin, 1887

This is Book Two in the Joe Swallow Series. The books don't have to be read in sequence.

Sargent Joe Swallow hasn't had a promotion in a long time and isn't very happy, especially since he is the best they have. Now he's in the middle of a disappearance and a murder. How could a simple pawnbroker, Ambrose Pollock and his sister be involved so deep in a corruption situation that lead to his murder and her disappearance? This case could bring about chaos in the country.

The author writes fairly good descriptions of the characters and the period. The thing is, there are so many words and phrases that I just plain didn't understand. I would have to sit and think about them before I could continue. This interrupted my concentration of the story. Could just be me, but I got disinterested when I couldn't understand some of the words.

I did like Swallow. He seemed realistic and that you could relate to him. The author gives you a little romance that could blossom into love. I guess Book Three will let us know.

Everybody likes different books and has different opinions. This 3 STAR rating is my opinion and mine alone. Get yourself a copy and try it for yourself.

Book Blurb for The Eloquence of the Dead

"Bodies can tell you a lot. There can be an eloquence about the dead. But you have to be able to interpret what they are telling you... "

This captivating, expertly crafted mystery captures the life and essence of Victorian Dublin and draws the reader on a gripping journey of murder and intrigue. When a Dublin Pawnbroker is found murdered and the lead suspect goes missing, Sergeant Joe Swallow is handed the poisoned chalice of the investigation. On the way he uncovers deep-rooted corruption, discovers the power of new, scientific detection techniques and encounters a ruthless adversary. With authorities pressing for a quick resolution, the public living in fear of attack and the newspapers happy to point to the police's every mistake, Swallow must use every trick in his arsenal to crack the case. Following leads from Trim Castle to the Tower of London, The Eloquence of the Dead is a taut, fast-paced crime thriller perfect for fans of Charles Finch and Charles Todd.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.00