The Disappeared

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The Disappeared

The story begins with Rebecca Tolle, a student that had been missing two years. She was finally found knifed up, dismembered and buried in a Stockholm suburb forest glade.

Fredrika Bergman and her team of investigators try to find out why Rebecca came to such a violent end. About that time, more bodies in the same place are found.

As Ms. Bergman wrestles with the case, it becomes more than just dead bodies. Her lover has been mentioned in the investigation. As they come close to a solution, things really haven't changed. The Killer is still on the streets killing. The grave in the forest is growing deeper and deeper. Who will be next as the killer takes them to the killing forest?

I loved the twists and turns. Was the killer Fredrika's lover? Had Rebecca come too close to an evil person? Enters the ever present GOOD vs. EVIL. It appears that EVIL is winning. Will Fredrika and her team turn that around? Or will it be too much for Fredrika to take on? What set the killer off to begin with? Was he hiding something evil and Rebecca came upon it?

You will have to get this read and find out just how many will die before the killer is exposed. This is quite a thriller that the author wrote.

I liked the way the author included in the book the interrogation conversations. That made it more interesting. What drew me in to begin with was the cover on the book. A dress hanging on a hanger with blood on it.

SO, if you have the nerve and hunger for these 'who dun' it books, grab a copy and get in on the investigation with Fredrika. It's going to be a tough one.

Book Blurb for The Disappeared

At first, only one body was found. Soon there were more.

A young woman on her way to a party vanishes without a trace. Two years later, with all hope lost, her body turns up. Mercilessly dismembered, it has deteriorated considerably in its lonely burial spot on the edge of a forest. The forensic team is able to identify the body as that of Rebecca Tolle, a student at the nearby university.

Investigative analyst Fredrika Bergman and her team are assigned to solve the case and question those who may be responsible for Rebecca’s brutal death. Soon, more bodies are found, in the same area. But the killer is still at large.

Fredrika discovers that when Rebecca died, she was researching a person with a dark past- one that Rebecca seems to have uncovered. Fredrika is deeply invested in the already heart-wrenching case, but when her lover’s name comes up as a possible suspect, it might be too much for her to bear.

Did Rebcecca get too close to evil- prompting evil to react?

The Disappeared is the third installment of the critically acclaimed Fredrika Berman crime series by internationally bestselling author Kristina Ohlsson, and her most gripping and grisly thriller yet.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00