The Art of Keeping Secrets

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The Art of Keeping Secrets

Secrets, we all have them. Some should stay secret forever and others, well they need to come to light. In this book we are give three misfit mothers. They are not your typical mothers at all and they are close, sharing all. At least they thought so. The author gives these three women real issues, issues that aren't easy to face. I liked the way the author had three women who were friends, trusted each other and shared everything with each other, but there's a flip side to that. When those long coveted secrets come out, there may be a price to be paid.

The author wrote this book in a rather different way, Each chapter focused on one woman at a time and yet as the story goes on, the three women, Felicity, Emma and Neve molded as one. The author gives characters you can relate to. You as the reader may have been in the same situation. This wasn't a romance book, which was refreshing. Yes there are bits and pieces of romance here and there, but it isn't the focus of the book.

As I read the book I found that my emotions were going all over the place. Everything from happiness to sadness and even at times anger were brought out in me. It was refreshing also to see how the three women supported each other. They were there during the hard and bad times, as well as the good. They weren't fair weather friends at all. The secrets kept were kept between the women, not each individual woman but all three. The three reveal truths that have been kept hidden. Some were shocking, but the three stood beside each other and those secrets were kept between them.

The author shows that although the outside looks good and that everything is alright behind that smile, that may not be the case inside. Every woman, no, everyone, needs someone that they can trust with those hidden secrets, truly trust. The book was well written with characters that you felt you knew, that you would want as friends and secret keepers.

Book Blurb for The Art of Keeping Secrets

Some Secrets Weren't Meant to Be Kept… 

They started out as the "misfit moms"—the trio of less-than-conventional parents at their sons' tony private school. They've shared everything. Or so they thought. Now, on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City, they'll sightsee, they'll shop, they'll catch a few Broadway shows. They'll tell all… 

After seventeen years as a single parent, Neve will reveal a past sin that could destroy her relationship with her son. Emma will uncover the roots of her exhaustion and divulge the inappropriate feelings she has for her boss. And Flick—who knows a little about crafting a flawless exterior—will share the shocking truth that lies beneath the veneer of her perfect marriage. 

When the tight hold they've each kept on their secrets for years begins to slip, they must face the truth. Even if the truth will forever alter the course of their friendship and their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50