Taming Jenna

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Taming Jenna

Between the pages of "Taming Jenna" the author gives romance, seduction, mystery, and loads of sizzle. Plus the characters are strong. Our hero and heroine, Jenna and Branch, learn to trust after the attraction takes over. At first they didn't trust each other. But once they let go, everything changed. The author definitely delivers a read that you can't let go of. "Taming Jenna" will grab at your heart strings and hold your attention. Do not miss out on this wonderful book!

Book Blurb for Taming Jenna

The Wrong Man

Deserted by her good-for-nothing father at the tender age of seven, Jenna Leigh Whittington taught herself to ride, shoot, brawl...and steer clear of the opposite sex. But now, in a lonely Utah canyon, the Pinkerton agent has drawn her six-gun on a rugged stranger—only to discover that, far from the dangerous outlaw she's been tracking, he is Branch McCauley, hired gun . . . and the most irresistible rascal ever to tempt and torment a woman.

The Right Woman

If there's one thing McCauley trusts less than a female, it's a female that packs a six-gun. Vowing to bring the sensuous hellcat to heel, McCauley has no inkling that their passionate battle of wills has just begun. Taming Jenna will be the most seductive—and satisfying—job he's ever taken on . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50