Strange Country

At three in the morning, you would think most people would be in bed fast asleep. That's not how it goes for Boyd Davies, Deputy Sheriff. He's been called out about a possible prowler. After he checks everything inside and out of the woman's house, they talk for a while. The woman knows Boyd and that he has some special talents. He sees that there is nothing else for him to do so he begins to leave. He feels uneasy for some reason and he isn’t wrong. Just as he and the woman stand on the porch, a single shot hits the woman in her head. It’s a shot from a high powered rifle and she dies instantly.

Boyd begins his own investigation into the murder. Hallie, from the previous book is being stalked. Someone is placing notes outside the hex ring on her property. Strange things like map coordinates, strange messages and then the phone calls start. Hallie doesn't have any problem facing her fears, she runs straight into them. There is no backing away.

While serving in Iraq, Hallie actually died. Now she is seeing ghosts and actually having a conversation with Death himself. Death has asked a favor of Hallie and wants an answer real soon. Hallie has thought about the strange things that have been happening and she doesn't believe that the Devil is involved. Now there are more and more bodies coming up as Body investigates. Who wants these people dead? Are they serial or just random?

Hallie would like to spend some quiet time with Boyd on her ranch. The ranch is in the middle of West Prairie City, South Dakota. With all the notes, phone calls, magic stones and helping Boyd with the murder investigations, she will be kept plenty busy.

This is another book with Hallie Michael and it showcases her strength. Deborah Coates gives us mystery, love, suspense, ghosts, the Devil and ever so much more. I suggest that you get all three books and learn more about Hallie, Boyd, Maker and all the characters that Ms. Coates has skillfully created. The book holds much realism with the lovely scenery of the Midwest and some magic to spice it up.

Will the murders stop? Will the magic stones hold some answers? Grab book one and start from there. You'll race through the three books like you can't quit. You will become hooked and you won't be able to let go.

Book Blurb for Strange Country

After facing Death himself and banishing a reaper bent on the destruction of Sheriff's deputy Boyd Davies, Hallie Michaels had hoped things would finally settle down; that she and Boyd would find more time to spend together, and that the ghosts she attracts would stay in the cemeteries where they belong.

But on a wintry night in mid-December, a woman is murdered with a high-powered rifle. Not long after, another of West Prairie City’s citizens is killed in exactly the same way, drawing the attention of state investigators. But the connection between the victims is not easily uncovered.

Meanwhile, Hallie finds a note tied to post outside her home. "What do you fear most?" it asks, accompanied by a set of map coordinates. Over the next few days she receives an anonymous phone call, and a letter left for Hallie at the local ag supply. All pose the same question and offer the same set of coordinates. The mystery deepens, and Hallie must solve it before the body count rises again, in Strange Country by Deborah Coates.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00