Stone Cold Dead

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Stone Cold Dead

An Ellie Stone Mystery

The author wrote a real suspense mystery into his book.

What happened on December 21, 1960? It was the shortest day of the year. The school bus sits idling in the parking lot for the junior high school students. What happened to fifteen year old Darleen Hicks as the bus leaves without her?

Jump to New Year's Eve 1960, New Holland, New York. Darleen Hicks seeks out Ellie Stone to look further into her daughter’s case. Why won't the police help? The author gives you the idea that Darleen has run away with some boy and will come back on her own. But is that what really happened? The reader is taken on a bone chilling tour into a place that is full of uncertainty, teenage crushes, loss, suspense, mystery and vulnerability. This is a place where Ellie is wanted. Her questions will not be answered or will they? For certain her life is in danger.

The author gives the reader a little bit of everything. Most of all the reader is given a chance to try to figure out this mystery before the end of the book. Is Darleen just a teenage runaway or has she been abducted, never to be seen again? You will have to read the book yourself and go through the twists and turns to find out.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves the unknown, mystery and lots of suspense. Grab a copy of this wonderful book by James W. Ziskin and try to figure out what happened to DARLENE!

Book Blurb for Stone Cold Dead

December 21, 1960, the shortest day of the year: Fifteen-year-old Darleen Hicks slips away from her school bus as it idles in the junior-high parking lot, waiting to depart. Moments later the bus rumbles away without her, and she is never seen again.

New Year’s Eve 1960: The small upstate town of New Holland, New York, is in the grips of a severe cold snap, when Ellie Stone receives a late-night caller—Irene Metzger, the grieving mother of Darleen Hicks. She tells Ellie that the local police won’t help her, that they believe Darleen has run off with some older boy and will return when she is ready. Irene has read Ellie’s stories in the paper on an earlier murder case and believes Ellie is her last hope. 

Ellie Stone is on a chilling journey to a place of uncertainty, loss, teenage passion, and vulnerability—where Ellie’s questions are unwanted and her life is in danger.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00