Spring Awakening

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Spring Awakening

Summerset Abbey, #3

Spring Awakening is the third book and conclusion to the Summerset Abbey series. The story builds around two sisters and their maid. You follow their journey during the uncertainty of World War I. Rowena and Victoria were very free willed as well as their friend and maid, Prudence. This story is the dramatic conclusion to the women of Summerset. The author did a marvelous job of bringing out the era and surroundings with such details. You get to explore tradition and the evolving modern ways as the sisters and maid try to determine what their futures are.

I loved watching the girls grow up. They became confident, strong women. Victoria was the one that stood out the most for me. Her activism became more than a mere hobby or interest. She proves her strength through this. The other sister, Rowena and their friend make changes also. I liked the way the women were constantly trying different things and they become stronger for it. The timing of this held them back somewhat. Women just didn't do certain things. Society set the rules and women were held back.

T. J. Brown is an amazing author. She wrote the three Summerset Abbey books all in a nine month period. Plus she wrote BORN OF ILLUSION. That is totally amazing. At times you may feel like laughing and crying. By the end, you'll be sad because the amazing series has come to an end and there will be no more of Summerset Abbey. I'm hoping I'm wrong, that later on there might be a Book 4. Ms. Brown incorporated history, real facts along with the characters, which made an interesting and exciting read. I found that the women of the time were strong women and were willing to go against society at times.

If you like books about strong, confident, and determined women then this book is for you. I wasn't disappointed in any way. I would have liked more about Prudence and her life, but that didn't change the book. It was just plain good.

I give this book 4 STARS.

Book Blurb for Spring Awakening

The laughter of summer lawn parties fades for the men and women of Summerset Abbey, as the rumble of cannon-fire sweeps across Europe. In a changing world, they soon find that only one thing is certain: none of them will ever be the same.

rowena buxton

The female pilot’s upcoming wedding to Sebastian Billingsly is the talk of soci­ety. Rowena loves her kind, handsome fiancé, but memories of a dangerously passionate affair with a dashing flier still stir her heart. . . . Accepting a daring mission transporting British planes, she encounters the man whose touch sent her reeling—and whose return into her life may have disastrous consequences for her and Sebastian’s future.

victoria buxton

The defiant suffragette raises eyebrows once again by living on her own in London as a lady bachelor. Kit Kittredge is the one man who understands and adores Victoria’s fiery spirit—but she rebuffs her best friend’s offer of marriage time and again, choosing to join the war effort as a volunteer nurse. And on the battlefields of France, she will learn the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

prudence tate

After a stinging betrayal at Summerset Abbey, Prudence has found love and contentment in working-class Camden Town as Mrs. Andrew Wilkes. But when Andrew enlists, everything that Pru cherishes is at risk—and she crosses a line attempting to protect him. Has she irreparably damaged their loving bond of trust?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00