Somebody Like You

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Somebody Like You

Maverick Junction series, #1

How many of us would like to be an heiress who can buy anything you want except....? The author gives us a read where we have an heiress with all the money she could want but it can't buy her what she wants So she takes off to maverick Junction. Trouble awaits. She meets up with Cash Hardeman, hardly the kind of man she's known. The author peaks the interest with Cash. He's a hunk and isn't afraid of working hard. How can you not like a book with a gorgeous hunk? Then the author gives us those secrets that we all have. Annelise is hiding her true identity and Cash, well in order to inherit from his grandfather, there's a small catch. What will this do to the budding romance between the two? Can they go beyond the secrets?

I liked Cash, but Annelise was so childish. She can't do anything that the normal person can do. Money has spoiled her. She doesn't think anything of spending it on frivolous things. The author not only gave two well described characters but there were others that I really liked. Cash's dog. I can just picture the dog rubbing against Annelise's legs and her getting annoyed. As I read, the author put in another character and that is Douglas. Annelise's parents think she should marry him. Arranged marriage? Little outdated, I thought, but interesting. The author made the small Texas town come alive. You could picture yourself living there.

I had a little trouble with Cash and Annelise really being right for each other. Their backgrounds being so different. How could Cash, who appears down to earth, hard-working and just himself put up with the body guards, the lavishness and the publicity that Annelise gets? Cash loves ranches, Annelise loves mansions.

The author definitely gives the reader a lot to think on. Love does funny things to people. The author also adds a little humor to the mix but I'll let you find that one out. As Lynnette Austin adds in a little country music, you'll find yourself singing along as you read. Give this book some time, uninterrupted time, because you won't want to put it aside for a later time. Will romance prevail?

Book Blurb for Somebody Like You

A Runaway Heiress... If saving her grandfather's life means giving up the social whirl of Boston for the rustic charm of Texas, socialite Annelise Montjoy is more than happy to make that sacrifice. Determined to find the long-lost relative who holds the key to her grandfather's recovery, Annelise will have to hide the truth about who she really is until she earns the trust of the Maverick Junction locals. A Rough and Tumble Cowboy... Cash Hardeman thought he'd have all the time in the world to find the right woman...until he discovered that his gold digging step-grandmother will inherit the family ranch if Cash doesn't marry by his 30th birthday. With the deadline just around the corner and no prospects in sight, Cash knows it's only a matter of time before he loses everything. But when Boston beauty Annie blows into his life, Cash can't help but wonder if she's the answer to his prayers.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00