Shallow Grave

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Shallow Grave

A Matt Sinclair Mystery, #3

The story within the pages of “Shallow Grave” may be a bit too real for some. The author shows how one man is trying to keep control in an urban environment. But he is slowly falling apart.

This is the third installment in the Detective Matt Sinclair Mysteries. This is a police procedure book that gives you a look at what happens in the search of bad guys. It’s fiction, yes, but has a touch of reality. On the edge of town, a body lies in a grave and when it is discovered Matt Sinclair, a homicide detective, is put on the case. He thinks there is drugs involved. They identify the body as Phil Roberts. This is no ordinary person, Phil is Sinclair's former partner and head of the intelligence unit. Soon the investigation reveals secrets. They have a way of bubbling up to surface when you look just a bit deeper. Some of these secrets people want to stay buried deep and never to be found. Nothing will stop Sinclair from finding the truth, regardless of the cost.

The author’s storytelling hits you like a fist punch to the stomach. There are also heart tugging moments. The author, Brian Thiem, spent over 25 years with the Oakland Police Department. So this book has a touch of the author's own perspective on what happens during the depths of night. It hard hitting, but you have to take a realistic approach to it. These kind of things happen! If you like mystery, suspense, drama, a tough approach with a tender underside, then try this book and you'll find that you will want to read the other books by Brian Thiem.

Book Blurb for Shallow Grave

When the Oakland coroner’s office uncovers a body buried in a shallow grave in the outskirts of the city, homicide sergeant Matt Sinclair expects to find a drug dealer caught in the crosshairs of a turf war. Instead, the victim is identified as Phil Roberts, the commander of the police department’s intelligence unit and Sinclair’s former partner.

Police brass want to pin the murder on a dead member of an outlaw motorcycle gang and they want the case closed quickly, but Sinclair and his current partner, Cathy Braddock, aren’t satisfied with that answer. As Sinclair delves into the details of Roberts’s past, secrets from his work and personal life come to the surface--secrets that some people will go to any length to keep buried. But Sinclair won’t stop until he finds the truth, even if it means sacrificing his former partner’s reputation and possibly his own career.

With Shallow Grave, Brian Thiem brings back his beloved detective for a thrilling third adventure in his acclaimed police procedural series.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00