Serial K Returns

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Serial K Returns

In the first book of "Serial K", you're left with a doubt as to whether Craig Breedlove is really dead. He was a serial killer of the worst, killing innocent people in such gory and bloody ways. In the second book, Craig Breedlove is alive and plotting. He has taken on a new identity and now has his intent of death focused on priests. In his demented search for justice on the priests who did inexplicable things to him as a child, he is out for revenge. A revenge of a different sort. So he recruits a select group of men from a support group he joined. A group of men who were also raped and molested by the men of the Catholic Church. These men are searching to kill and reap the vengeance that they believe they deserve. Breedlove thinks his new persona has him hidden from the authorities. But is he? Not only do we get the suspense and mystery of Breedlove but we get more of the relationship between Ryan and Lea. But Ryan isn't the only one who wants Lea. Breedlove wants her too, but in a different way and it isn't good. The author gives us the human desires, not only the good ones but the demented ones of a serial killer.

Can Lea be saved from this sick killer? Or will she be another on his long list of victims? Readers are in for so much suspense, mystery, and romance. Within the pages of "Serial K Returns" we have some very sick people who want vigilante justice. One other thing I enjoyed was the bits of humor.

I recommend reading "Serial K" and "Serial K Returns". They are both great stories for those who like delving into the minds of serial killers. It's all so TRUE, in a fictional way, but oh so real when you're reading them.

Book Blurb for Serial K Returns

This is a fabulous book! One of the best I have read in some time. The premise is brilliant and I wish I had thought of it. Mr. Gallagher has a wonderful sense of humor with which he tempers the most gruesome details of the killings. The relationship between the FBI Investigators is realistic and HOT! The pace of this book is remarkable and kept me interested until the very end. My congratulations to the author. I cannot wait until I can buy the sequel. I hope it is very soon. Mary Firmin.

His hunger returned.

Craig Breedlove, the serial killer who survives in Serial K, is back at it. This time he has a new target. In fact, two new targets.

A victim of priest molestation at age seven, he puts his sights on abusive priests who were never brought to justice.

The FBI team of Agents Lea Pucci and Ryan O’Callahan, now divorced but current lovers, are back on the trail.

As they close in, the killer turns his sights on his pursuers.

As the chase continues, the body count rises. Fear grips the public. Many will die, but who survives?

Brian Gallagher, author of award winning Vatican Protocol, and Serial K, delves into the mind of a serial killer and the morality of the Vatican cover-up of abusive priests with the release of Serial K Returns.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00