See Also Murder

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See Also Murder

Marjorie Trumaine Mysteries

Setting: 1964 - North Dakota

Marjorie Trumaine hasn't had an easy life living on the farm in North Dakota. To help pay the bills she started to work as a professional indexer. The bills have only gotten worse since her husband, Hank, was in an accident and now he is blind and paralyzed. On top of that, Marjorie has some dangerous and terrifying problems to deal with. Her next door neighbors were murdered in their beds.

Sheriff Hilo Jenkins finds an amulet In the hand of one of the victims. He asks Marjorie if she will try to find out what it is. As Marjorie starts to look into things, her friends start dying. Is she getting close to the killer? Or is the killer getting close to her?

The author wrote a suspenseful mystery that will keep you on the edge of your chair the whole time. As the reader, you become afraid that something will happen to Marjorie.

Book Blurb for See Also Murder

1964—Life on the North Dakota farm hasn’t always been easy for Marjorie Trumaine. She has begun working as a professional indexer to help with the bills—which have only gotten worse since the accident that left her husband, Hank, blind and paralyzed. When her nearest neighbors are murdered in their beds, though, Marjorie suddenly has to deal with new and terrifying problems.

Sheriff Hilo Jenkins brings her a strange amulet, found clutched in the hand of her murdered neighbor, and asks her to quietly find out what it is. Marjorie uses all the skills she has developed as an indexer to research the amulet and look into the murders, but as she closes in on the killer, and people around her continue to die, she realizes that the murderer is also closing in on her.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00