Sary's Diamonds: Love, Lust, and Peril

Sary's Adventure Series Book 2

All that's left is a treasure map, or part of one. At least it's supposed to be a treasure map. Sarabande Swinford was taken in by a con man. She has lost her fortune and all she has left if the map. So she decided to find out about this so called treasure map. Her lover, Tommy, her son, Jude and herself head to Cape Town, hopefully to find this treasure. But treasure wasn't what she found. She found something much, much worse than a supposed treasure. While there she gets separated from her family. So the only thing she knows to do is go in search of the diamonds by herself. She gets lost and and wanders the Great Karroo Desert in Africa. She had company, Can she trust either of the two men? One is a known killer and the other is an adventurer. This adventure for this supposed treasure ends up being a fight, a fight for her life.

The author gives a steady pace with lots of suspense and action. As the reader turns the pages, the suspense builds. Why would an intelligent young woman risk her fortune for a treasure map, a map that is highly questionable? How did she end up alone with two men she isn't sure she can trust?

The story makes you think that Sarabande is either extremely naive or doesn't think things through. You want to take her and shake some sense into her. The characters are somewhat interesting but Sarabande gets your attention. It seems that danger follows her around. Is all of this worth it? Is there a treasure that will compensate for her losing her fortune? Will she even find a treasure? Or will she face her own demise?

I didn't feel that this second book measured up to the first, but as always, that is one person's opinion. Read book one first and then read book two and decide for yourself. Would you risk everything for a map, a treasure map that may or may not lead to a treasure?

Book Blurb for Sary's Diamonds: Love, Lust, and Peril

Sarabande Swinford has lost her fortune, swindled by an expert con man from whom she gained in return only a handful of worthless paper and a questionable—and partial—treasure map. Taking ship to Cape Town with her lover Tommy and her son Jude, she pursues more of the map as well as its promised treasure, but encounters potential death in many forms.

She is separated from her family by plague-fearing mobs, and so goes alone in search of the diamonds the con man suggested the map would give her. Lost, she wanders across Africa’s vast, merciless Great Karroo Desert, accompanied by two men—one a stone-cold killer, the other an enigmatic, charismatic adventurer (but can she trust him?)—and must fight not only for her honor but for her very life.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.00