Return to Huckleberry Hill

The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill

Anna and Felty Helmuth are matchmaking. They have a list that includes grandchildren…and others.

Reuben is mad. His friend John took his girl. He’s so upset he goes back to his grandparents in Huckleberry Hill, Wisconsin. He is relishing the attention he is getting at Huckleberry Hill. But then Fern shows up. Fern is John's sister and she is trying to get Reuben to forgive and move on, to look for a new love. This works, but not quite as Fern was hoping. Reubin’s had feelings for Fern. Fern does everything along with Reuben's grandparents to find Reubin someone to love and make a life with. Nothing is working. Reuben is so caught up in his own upsets that he can't see what is in front of him. Love is there, he just needs to reach out and embrace it.

The author gives us characters that even though they are Amish, they have the same feelings, thoughts, disappointments, mistakes, and everything else like other people. The author shows that you may lose someone you think you love or do love, but there are others out there. Sometimes they have been right there, having feelings for you but backing away because you love someone else. Sometimes we have to take off our blinders and think, look around and we may find what was there all along.

The author shows the characters to be real and people you can relate to, feel for and want the best for. The story moved steadily with great descriptions. It was sweet, clean and at times rather humorous. It made for a good relaxing read to take away the stress of the day.

This is the seventh book in an eight book series about the Huckleberry Hill. They can be read alone or in order. You won't want to miss the fun, the humor, the characters and the romance in Huckleberry Hill, Wisconsin. If you like Amish reads or not, you'll find this book a good read. Try it.

Book Blurb for Return to Huckleberry Hill

When it comes to matchmaking, Huckleberry Hill, Wisconsin’s unstoppable octogenarians Anna and Felty Helmuth never seem to run out of opportunities—or grandchildren...

Reuben Helmuth is plenty bitter. John King, his best friend—or so he thought—is engaged to the girl Reuben loved. Humiliated, Reuben flees from Ohio to his grandparents’ home on Huckleberry Hill, where he knows he’ll find comfort. He’s enjoying wallowing in his misery—until John’s sister, Fern, shows up. She won’t stop pestering Reuben about forgiveness—or trying to help him find love again. Yet Fern's efforts only reawaken Reuben’s long-buried feelings—for her…

With her brother too ashamed to face Reuben, it’s fallen to Fern to help mend fences. But as she and the Helmuths do all they can—even organizing a knitting club event filled with eligible girls—it may take one more challenge to inspire Reuben to forget his heartache, recognize his own blunders, and embrace the true love that’s right in front of him…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50