Plain Refuge

Rebecca lives in the Englisch world with her husband. She has it all, a large lavish life style with anything she wants except her husband. He spends very little time with her and their little boy but when he does he's always angry. After a partner disappeared, he became even more angry and actually started pushing her around. Rebecca divorces him and gets sole custody of their son. When Rebecca went to get a couple of things from the house, she discover's the missing partner's wallet and ring. The strange thing is the credit cards have been being used. It looks like the partner is still alive but no one has seen him. Rebecca takes the items thinking they will be leverage for her but this brings real trouble down on her. She has almost been killed twice. She leaves and goes to Missouri to go back to living plain and to disappear. But will that keep her ex husband from finding her? Immediately the county sheriff Daniel Byler, now English but still has parts of his ways that are Amish. He has the idea that there is far more going on with Rebecca other than just visiting relatives. As the story proceeds Rebecca and Daniel become close. A possible romance in the future? The author gives you characters that the reader can grow to love and will never forget. You get a look at how the English ways creep into the Amish and cause such trouble for them. You can relate to the characters and as the story goes on, you know you want Rebecca and her little son to be safe. You can picture through the author's descriptions exactly what is going on. Everything from the big fancy house Rebecca lives in with her son and husband. You get a look at the farm she goes to stay at in Missouri. The clothes that her and her little boy wear. The passionate kisses and tender caresses that happen between Rebecca and Daniel. The author gives a story that takes the raw truth of the English ways and shows how the patient, faithful Amish deal with them. This wasn't just a book, it was a situation where the reader is there, actually there in their mind. You see it all, not just bits and pieces but all of it. Will Rebecca go back to being English when this is all over or will her and Daniel find a middle ground to continue a loving relationship?

Book Blurb for Plain Refuge

He's her only defense…and a frightening temptation 

Rebecca Holt thinks she's doing the right thing when she takes evidence proving her ex-husband is hiding a murder. But after two attempts on her life, she flees with her six-year-old son to rural Missouri, where the pair hide among Amish relatives, dressing "plain." 

County sheriff Daniel Byler was raised Amish, but his protective instincts put him in conflict with his family's beliefs at an early age and he left the faith. Yet this background helps him to recognize Rebecca as someone who is out of place, in danger…and lying to him.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 5.00