No Pity For the Dead

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No Pity For the Dead

A Mystery of Old San Francisco, #2

Nancy Herriman has done it again with the latest in her historical mystery series. Set in San Francisco in 1867 nurse Celia Davies once again finds herself accidentally on the trail of a killer, along with will-she-won’t-she possible romantic interest, Detective Nick Greaves.

The author wrote a clean, interesting and of course, a little romance mystery. She takes you into a time when a woman wasn't supposed to have a career, especially that of being a nurse. Free clinics for the poor, those the elite felt were beneath their feet and the Chinese, Irish and other immigrants. The author starts you off with Celia feeling she is cold hearted, but as you read you discover that the truth is quite the opposite. She may care more than is healthy for her. The author gives you a different type of heroine in Celia. She doesn't go off without letting someone know where she is. That doesn't mean she doesn't get herself in trouble. The Celia the author gives us is smart and respected, but she does end up amid a murder when a dead body is found.

How does she fit into this predicament? The situations are given two perspectives, two points of view. So the author leaves it up to the reader to figure out who the murderer is and there are several suspects. As you turn the pages, your idea of who it is changes and then changes again. The author goes into detail about the characters, noting their clothing as one thing. This is not to show that they may be poor but that they may be greedy and are too cheap to buy anything new although they could well afford it. You can picture these characters down to the thinning material of a man's shirt. I found some of the scenes so vivid. I was there while the store keep would sweep in front of their store. The church bells can be heard clearly. There is so much detail and yet you are not bogged down. You are given visions from rundown buildings to mansions on the hill. This book has a little of everything.

Book Blurb for No Pity For the Dead

The author of No Comfort for the Lost returns with a new mystery of Old San Francisco...

British-born nurse Celia Davies runs a free medical clinic to assist the poor women of San Francisco. Aided in her endeavors by her half-Chinese cousin Barbara and feisty housekeeper Addie, Celia has earned the trust and friendship of many of the city’s downtrodden, including a young orphan named Owen—who’s just confided to her that he’s stumbled upon a corpse. 

Owen recently started working for the ruthless real estate and development group, Martin and Company, and discovered a dead body in the office’s basement. Celia turns to Detective Nick Greaves for help, only to learn that one of the main suspects—the husband of Celia’s dearest friend—is an old enemy of Nick’s. 

Now, Celia and Nick must put aside their personal feelings about the case—and each other—if they’re going to bring a killer to justice...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50