Night Talk

George Noory of Coast To Coast AM brings us “Night Talk”.

There are voices in the dark. A radio show that features the darkness of paranoia and paranormal. All the stories of sightings of aliens, being abducted, Big Foot and others. The author puts you on the edge of that darkness and as you turn the pages, that edge becomes smaller and smaller. Will you the reader enter that darkness? Oh yes, but not the paranormal, more the paranoia level. As you turn a page, Greg Nowell, the voice of the radio show, becomes center of attention when the government is accusing him of being in receipt of secret files. Not only secret, but ultra-secret.

The author has you on the edge, the edge of darkness, a ride that goes up and down so fast you don't think it will stop. Mr. Noory makes you think of the possibility of a world where everything you do is recorded. You don't have a life of your own. It belongs to the government. Maybe, this could happen. No, think about it, as the author asks you to do. Is it the world we are already in? The author may put the thought in your mind if it's not already there. It will make your heart beat fast, your thoughts run wild. The possibility of that darkness creeping in books you.

The author puts a thought in your mind, he makes you look around the room, but don't let that stop you. Read on!

I like the way George Noory gives a good fun read, but still it has darkness lurking between the pages. It's quite a journey into theories of those dark events that have taken place and are still taking place. As you read you might consider, conspiracies or truths. That darkness may be creeping up on YOU!

Book Blurb for Night Talk

A late-night talk-show host fascinated by the paranormal becomes entangled in a deadly conspiracy in Night Talk, from #1 all-night radio host George Noory.

Greg Nowell is a voice in the darkness--a late-night talk-show host who tackles controversial subjects, from angels to aliens and government agencies so deep in shadow that the puppet strings they use to exercise control are invisible. His radio show is a world of the paranormal and paranoia, where claims of alien abductions, Big Foot sightings, and a mysterious world government are the norm.

Greg's world explodes when government agents accuse him of having received ultra-secret files from Ethan Shaw, a hacker intent on exposing a secret cabal with tentacles throughout the government. Greg knows nothing about the files. When Shaw is killed and the evidence points to Greg, the radio personality goes on the run, stalked by a demented assassin. As he tries to unravel the deadly secrets the hacker uncovered, Greg is helped by Alyssa Neal, a mysterious woman who says Shaw also dragged her into the boiling cauldron of intrigue.

Greg realizes his paranoia is really "heightened awareness" of strange machinations. He seeks help from callers to his show who don't trust the government, have gone "under the radar," or are angry and paranoid about the vast gathering of information and invasions of privacy by government agencies.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 4.00