Murder in the Queen's Garden

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Murder in the Queen's Garden

An Elizabethan Mystery, #3

This is the third book in the Elizabethan Mystery series and the first book in the series that I’ve read. I love historical mysteries and this one was great. It's sort of different than normal cozy mystery reads. Murder in the Queen's Garden is a very well written mystery that is full of intrigue and has an interesting plot. Every page and every character has the reader wondering what is coming next.

In Kate Haywood, the author created a character that was very likable and charming. Kate is the personal musician to Queen Elizabeth and a trusted member of the Queen's court. During this era women weren't considered smart nor strong, but Kate defied them all. She was smart and she was a strong woman who stood on her own two feet.

If you like historical mysteries, then this book is definitely a book for you. If historical titles haven't been on your list, you might want to start here. Murder in the Queen's Garden would be a great place to jump in and try something new.

Book Blurb for Murder in the Queen's Garden

The author of Murder at Westminster Abbey and Murder at Hatfield House is back with an absorbing and surprising new Elizabethan Mystery?

1559. Elizabeth has been on the throne for six months, and life in England seems newly golden. But for the Royal Court, murder and betrayal are foretold in the stars....

Kate Haywood, the young queen’s personal musician, has been keeping busy playing for a merry round of summer parties where famed astrologer Dr. John Dee and his fantastic horoscopes are all the rage. However, Elizabeth’s favorite stargazer fails to predict the discovery of a skeleton in the queen’s garden?and that the victim’s identity will call his own innocence into question.

When the doctor’s pupil is the victim of a second murder, the concerned queen enlists her trusted Kate to clear the accused killer of wrongdoing. But will the stars align to light Kate’s path through a tangled thicket of treachery to save Elizabeth’s prized astrologer and protect the queen from those who threaten her reign?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00