Maddy's Phoenix

Everything today is so modern, so rushed, even romance. But this book is refreshing. It will tug at your heartstrings and you will probably shed a tear or two. It is about a lovely person, a woman named Maddy who has had issues for years. Maddy's mother abandoned her when she very young. Maddy’s experienced heartache since a young tender age. Plus she lost a baby that she carried. Maddy wants to be loved so badly. But she seemed to be abandoned by everyone…mother, father, and even boyfriends. Then one day she finds a baby in a dumpster. Things change! She moves with some help and goes to school to be a nurse. Things seem to be going good until the baby develops some health issues. She then finds she must tell her secret. The fact that she had kept this abandoned baby as her own. But through it all, she finds something she truly wants, LOVE. She finds someone to love and someone to love her.

I loved this book! It is what a lot of us feel. We want someone to love us, really love us and we want to love back. Often times that doesn't happen in life.

Readers should be ready for a very sad story, but one they can relate to. It shows that there is someone out there that can give and receive the love you have. It also opens your eyes or perhaps, re-opens your eyes. Children are abandoned every day! Sometimes discarded as though they are trash. Left to fend for themselves or put in someone's care who doesn't really want them. So their lives are loveless. That is so sad. We often take for granted that love we have for someone and that love that someone has for us. Where would we be without that love? Think about it. Think about how Maddy felt!

The author wrote a wonderful eye opener and thought provoking book. It is so real, even though it is fiction. Maddy had "guts" even with all she went through. The author described Maddy with such detail. You feel her feelings and her life experience. Once you meet her you will want to be able to reach out and hug Maddy and love Maddy.

Book Blurb for Maddy's Phoenix

Maddy McCray lives a hard scrabble life, working as a waitress at the Monte Rio Café in a little town on California’s Russian River. Abandoned by her mother when she was a teenager, then by her two worthless boyfriends, she is nonetheless grateful for the rustic cabin where she lives—and for Cheryl, the older and wiser waitress who watches over her while Maddy anticipates the birth of her baby.

Then one night Maddy goes into labor prematurely and loses her precious baby. The loss is almost more than the distraught 22-year-old can bear. A few days later she discovers a tiny infant in a dumpster behind the café. An abandoned baby, a baby no one wants, a baby who will wind up in a string of foster homes. But Maddy wants the baby. She names her Judith.

Maddy resolves to take the money in her tip jar and move to the Bay Area, where she can get a better-paying job and study to become a nurse, to be better than the things her momma said about her. But how can Maddy take care of little Judith, work and go to school?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 5.00