Last Chance Cowboys: The Outlaw

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Last Chance Cowboys: The Outlaw

Where the Trail Ends, #3

COWBOYS: Don't they make your heart skip a beat? And the danger of an outlaw? The mix is exciting in “Last Chance Cowboys: The Outlaw”. The author gives you characters that you feel you could know and you grow to like them as you turn the pages. Sure they have their baggage, but doesn't everyone?

Amanda feels it's time to explore, go after what she wants in life, do and experience different things. So she is moving to Tucson to be a governess. She is being called and pulled toward adventure with a vengeance.

They get a boarder. He is intriguing and she is drawn to him, but there's a little problem, he may be on the wrong side of the law. Now Seth and Amanda have quite a bit in common, they are both strong willed, stubborn but you can't help but love them. They care about others and try to do the right thing. They were just like real people. They lived with a passion, when they were together, they sometimes irritated each other but I felt they fit together well.

Seth is trying to prevent a bank robbery by hunting down the outlaws. He is in with them, pretending to be one of them. Why is all of this connected to his family and the family Amanda is working for?

Then, of course, we have a little romance, just a little steamy to grab hold of your senses and emotions and keeps you hanging on till the end. When the end comes, you want more and to me that is the sign of a good book.

The pace is steady with characters you want to get to know. The descriptions put the characters and the scenes right in your mind.

There's nothing like cowboys, they make your heart go flitter, flutter.

Book Blurb for Last Chance Cowboys: The Outlaw

"'Someone like me?' Is that how you see me, Amanda? As someone people should fear?"

"I don't know what to think," she said. "One minute you seem so dangerous, and the next you're sweet and caring and..."

He took a step closer, his eyes sweeping her face. "And which do you want me to be?" His voice was low; it sent shivers down her spine.

"Both," she whispered, and lifted her face for a kiss.

Amanda Porterfield longs to experience real adventure. So when she's offered a position in bustling Tucson, she leaps at the chance despite unknown dangers—dangers like the mysterious Seth Grover.

As an undercover detective working to stop a gang of outlaws, Seth can't afford the distractions a woman like Amanda inspires. Yet when the fiercely intelligent beauty is thrust into the middle of a heist gone wrong, Seth will fight for a future that may never be theirs...even if it means risking everything he holds dear.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.00