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In Pieces

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Between the pages of Danielle Pearl’s “In Pieces” you get a romance that is gripping and suspenseful. The author gives you more than just a romance.

Have you ever had a thing for your best friend's sister, little sister that is? Well if not, the author brings this scenario to live in “In Pieces”. Beth Caplan and David March were childhood playmates. They grew up together. But now they are college age young adults. Grown up (somewhat).

Readers get to experience the suspense of, what will Beth do? Can she be seen as more than just the best friend's little sister? She wants that freedom. But the author brings in the past. When doesn't the past creep into the present and the future? Now we get down to the real suspense. Beth is rather a tease. She is trying to prove herself as a woman, not a little sister. Will that flirting go too far? Will danger enter her life?

As the story unfolds, the author gives you that urge to turn the pages. One page you have childhood crushes and then you have the friend, David. He has always just been interested in that one night, nothing permanent. Beth was sweet, rather innocent and needed that special attention of young adult love. Is David ready for that change?

Danielle Pearl will have your heart going in different directions and the book pulls you along.

This book is perfect for those who enjoy the journey of puppy love becoming young adult romance. The author adds in a bit of suspense that takes you just where you want to go. It’s time to enter the world of becoming an adult and all that goes with it.

Book Blurb for In Pieces

Three years ago she was left in pieces . . .

Most college freshmen love the newfound freedom of living on campus, but none of them craves it like Beth Caplan. One ill-fated night when she was fifteen left her locked in a posh prison of private tutors. It's for the best, everyone said, and maybe it was. But after years of hard work and healing, the one person who never thought of her as broken could be the one to break her all over again. And Beth can't seem to stay away now any more than she could all those years ago.

As soon as David March learned his best friend's little sister was enrolling at his school, he promised to look after her, and promised himself he'd keep a safe distance. But the sweet little girl he'd grown up with has transformed into a gorgeous young woman, and she's attracting attention from people she shouldn't-like the ex who nearly destroyed her and a strange new student with a disturbing habit of showing up wherever Beth goes. But for David, the most troubling discovery is realizing that he doesn't just want Beth to be safe. He wants her to be his.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.00