House of Homicide

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House of Homicide

This is a book you won't be able to figure out until the very end. The author gives you a young mother who has recently been widowed. She has two children and on top of that, she is the takes care of her elderly aunt who has dementia. She decides to buy a house. That's when the author gets you into the story. He has you digging your heels in hard. This house was supposed to be a home, a place of refuge and peace for her, the aunt and the two children. The author doesn't lead you down that traditional path. The story is well written, has you on the edge till the end and the characters could be your next door neighbors. This non-traditional path is the fact that this house was the scene of some gruesome murders. I know as I was reading this, I started to feel a little uneasy. The author did an amazing job of putting that hair raising feeling in your arms and that inability not to look around the room several times as you read each page. It gives you the real sense that the doors and windows should be shut tight and LOCKED!

I've read a lot of scary books but for some reason this one hit that spot that makes your spine tingle. This book will grab you at any moment on any page and once it does, you can't get loose. You would never know that this was written by a first time author. You get attached to the characters like you know them and you actually get to care about them. To me a good book is where you can relate to the characters, and relate you can to this entire book. It makes you wonder if, there could have been murders in your own home and you just never heard about it. Wouldn't that be creepy? You think, as the reader, you can get to the bottom of mystery but somehow you just can't put the hammer on the nail. That is, until the end, the very end. Then when you're done with the book, the book is done but you, the reader, aren't. You are left wanting more. Another sign of a good book. Where's the next book going to come out? Soon, I hope.

Book Blurb for House of Homicide

A young widow... Cindy is reeling from the loss of her husband, suddenly a single mother of two children and the sole caretaker for her aging aunt. She finds the perfect house to start anew. A house with a past... A rundown house in the Silicon Valley suburbs needs a lot of work, but Cindy is willing to take it on to get her dream house. Disclosure documents indicate that someone had died in the house, but they don't tell the whole story of the house's evil past. A call for help from beyond the grave... Cindy's dreams are invaded by a woman who shows Cindy the horrible murders that had taken place in the house. Her message to Cindy: Your family is next. When repairs on the house uncover the missing murder weapon, Cindy begins to believe that the strange woman is something more than just a dream. Using her journalism skills to research the property, the dark past of the house is revealed: a series of murders starting when the house was built more than 40 years earlier. But her meddling into the history awakens a killer's need to keep the past quiet, and Cindy is thrust into a struggle to find the killer before she and her family become the next victims.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.00