Hot Winter Nights

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Hot Winter Nights

A Bear Mountain Rescue Story / BookShots Flames

“Hot Winter Nights” is a short story, one of the Bookshot Flames collection of short stories.

When Allie Fairchild moved to Montana she wasn't expecting what she found. Bear Mountain is lovely with the days being cold, but oh, those nights can get HOT! That isn't the problem! She finds the place that she is renting is totally a mess. She works at the trauma center and her co-workers aren't friendly, they're downright mean and last of all....Her landlord, Dex Belmont is extremely handsome but leaves much to be desired in the charming category.

The author gives us a strong willed woman and a man that needs a little refining. Sometimes I just wanted to reach out and tell them to grow up. Then there is that third person which makes for an interesting love trio. The plot didn't leave you much to wonder about. You had it figured out way before the end of the story. It is a short read for a cold winter night. If you're looking for a read that doesn't require you to do a lot of thinking, then this will do.

Book Blurb for Hot Winter Nights

The Bear Mountain days are cold, but the nights are steamy....

Allie Fairchild made a mistake when she moved to Montana. Her rental is a mess, her coworkers at the trauma center are hostile, and her handsome landlord, Dex Belmont, is far from charming. But just when she's about to throw in the towel, life in Bear Mountain takes a surprisingly sexy turn....

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Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.00