Her Kind of Man

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Her Kind of Man

Edge of Scandal, #3

This is book 3 of 3 in Elle Wright’s “Edge of Scandal” series. Once I started reading “Her Kind of Man” I steadily started to think about how friendship can grow into love. Even though you may have your doubts and not being sure, you have to follow your heart to a certain point. But don't forget common sense.

The author gives us Allina Parker. She has become an emotional slave to her fiancée, who is a minister. That is, until she discovers that her lingering doubts may be true. Other women are coming forward who have been hurt and threatened by this minister. She finally splits from her wedding day and goes to the man she has always loved. He hasn't returned that love, just a strong friendship. She is in hiding. The author gives you very complicated characters that after a while of reading you begin to relate to. Allina and her best friend, Kent, both carry a lot of past hurts, a lot of baggage. Will this baggage keep them from finally letting their love bring them together? But what about the fiancée? He has threatened her and everyone around her. She could die because she won't go back to him. Sometimes friends can become in love, true love, not lust.

The romance doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and with Allina and Kent spending so much time together, it became evident that love is in the air. What will happen to the minister? Maybe the tables will turn and the minister will be the one fearing death.

Overall, this is a contemporary romance not to be missed. The characters are great the plot as well. This book will pull you in and have you thinking about life and situations.

Book Blurb for Her Kind of Man

When Mr. Right is oh so wrong

I'll never let you go . . . Allina had always dreamed of hearing those words. But when her fiancé, Isaac, utters them, it isn't a promise-it's a threat. Scared and confused, with only moments before the wedding, Allina knows what she must do. Forget walking down the aisle; it's time to run. Back to Michigan. Back to Kent.

Kent has loved Allina for longer than he can remember. Out of respect for their friendship, he's never crossed the line, but when she turns up on his doorstep wearing her torn, tearstained wedding gown, the fire inside him ignites. He'll do whatever it takes to make Allina feel safe-like the beautiful, desirable woman she is. But as Kent and Allina grow closer, and their passion pushes deeper, it's clear that something bigger than a botched wedding still lingers between them . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.00