Hell's Detective

A Mystery

This is a fun read and is well written and put together well. A mystery that is a little naughty on the side. The author gives characters that are off the beaten path and parts of the book will make you star with wide open eyes wondering if you just read that. Regardless if you are a die hard horror fan or a fantasy fan you will love this book. The author has a gift for detailed descriptions of his characters. The reader gets a perfectly painted picture of who you are reading about and what they are doing. The author takes you between a little horror and a little humor. This gives a different approach to a different kind of horror, fantasy mystery. Kat Murphy, a private detective is haunted by demons. Some of us can relate to the demons. But these demons are for real. In the city Lost Angeles in Hell a beast called Torment is on her night and night and night to relive her horror. She killed her lover and put a bullet in her brain. She wants to make this right so whens he gets the chance to do a job for the Chief Administrator, she jumps at the chance. This just might get Torment off her back. But as we all know, there is always a catch and Kat knows this. She goes to terrible, dark evil places to do this job she's been offered but things are much darker and sinister than Kat thought they would be. Kat will have to make a choice, her happiness or the world's fate. If you're looking for a new kind of mystery, check out award winning author Michael Logan.

Book Blurb for Hell's Detective

Kat Murphy is a private detective tortured by demons. Real ones. She is serving a death sentence in Lost Angeles, the dark and depraved city in Hell where a beast known as a Torment forces her to relive, night after night, the moment she killed her lover and put a bullet in her own skull.

Kat longs to make amends for her sins. So when the city’s Chief Administrator hires her to retrieve a stolen box with a mysterious power, offering to call off her Torment in return, she gets the chance to do just that.

But if Kat has learned one thing, it’s that every case has a wrinkle. As she trawls drug dens, casinos, and fighting pits in search of the thief, she discovers that both box and city contain secrets darker than she could ever have imagined. And with time running out, Kat must choose between her own desire for peace and the fate of the world above in Hell's Detective, the electrifying new mystery from award-winning author Michael Logan.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.00